Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One of The Lovliest Aspects of Being Feminine

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being female is the amazing grace and charm we can develop.
I absolutely do not believe in vanity but when you learn charm, grace, elegance, refinement and eloquence the effect is absolutely enchanting.
Like decorating your home or a cake or a plate, learning to decorate and artistically express yourself through fashion and charm can become truly amazing. You, as a woman, are created with a delicate feminine charm all your own. Like learning to walk, it takes a bit of training in mannerisms and expression but once you catch on, you will discover your own unique beauty. Your lovely handwriting in the field of grace and charm.
Women were once put through charm schools. They learned posture, diet, weight management. They learned how to walk, sit, speak move. They learned what to eat and not to eat. They learned how to dress for their figure and wear their hair for their face shape.
They delighted in it.
And do you know what? The men found these women so amazing, they put on their best to earn their attention. Watch it in your daily life. Watch how a woman with training in grace and sophistication will cause the men around her to tip their hats, hold doors and act more gentlemanly almost as a second nature.
Instead of being Rosanne and telling your husband "well you're no Carey Grant." Try being Audrey Hepburn instead and watch with delight as your man actually becomes civilized to earn your honor.
Men are enchanted with a delicate composed woman. Does it come naturally at first....no. But not because it isn't who we are. Our culture has hardened us. We have concealed our inner selves. Deep inside we are soft and delicate. As you let your guard down and learn to let your expressive side out, it will show more and more.

Your femininity will start to show in your attire

Your Posture

Your mannerisms

Your soul

Men will be enchanted

and you will feel more like yourself than you ever have.
Not only that, love will be amazing and true.
Learn to discover your lost femininity.
Rediscover your feminine side.
Dress as you truly desire.
Stand up straight, glide, speak softly.
Let yourself love art and nature.
Discover the femininity in you.
It amazes me how much my man responds when I do. Not only do I feel more authentic, I am amazed at the change in him.
He holds doors, his eyes meet mine longer with a searching longing stare.
Everything starts to fall into place.
Yes women have the ability to do many great things. The sad part is, we've let go of the areas where we shine the most.
Reclaim them and rediscover the lost beauty of femininity.
Much love always,


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