Thursday, July 25, 2013

Learning To Resist Criticism and Continue On Your Path

There are two types of people in this world.
Those who are pursuing their dreams and making the changes they desire in their life
And those who resent the achievers.
Beware the second group.
Not only to we get comfortable in our current (even if undesired) "routines"
Those around us are comfortable with us as we are as well.
When we change, we disrupt 'their' routine.
A housewife that suddenly starts keeping house WILL encounter resistance from those she lives with for a time.
The woman who begins to dress stylishly WILL encounter resistance in the form of gossip, people discouraging her from dressing up..etc.
You may even discover a jealous friend in the group.
Look at all the horrible insults celebrities like Kim Kardashian have to face every day simply for being lovely
Everything we do affects others.
While having a messy home and looking frumpy is NOT better for them OR you, they will still have to go through the change/disruption in their current comfort as well as you.
Be ready for it.
Make it pleasing for them.
Be lovely in your response. Their gossip will not carry weight if you remain lovely in your composure and response.
Be hurt, be angry but don't sin in response. Maintain composure and maintain love.
Above all else, be strong enough to carry on while maintaining compassion for their plight.
Even better, show them how to break out of their rut as well.
After all if you went to work one day to find that plain Jane had turned into foxy roxy, especially if you had a crush on a guy there, it would be a bit intimidating for you as well.
These people will try to overcome their intimidation...not by striving to be as good as you, rather, they will try to pull you back to the way they were comfortable.
Be ready for comments.
Even my dear love, when I began to make change would subtly make comments that tempted me to give up.
I learned that yes, I would feel the emotions from those comments and it was okay. The change was just making him uncomfortable for a time as well.
The thing you must learn to do with criticism is NOT let it change your plans or defeat your ambition. Keep going.
Don't let the sadness cause you to give up... keep going.
Don't live your life to avoid negative comments from others. If you are doing actions you don't want to and avoiding actions you desire, see if others are the problem.
Many of you dress less stylish than you'd desire because you're afraid of the comments if you actually dressed up.
Many of you are afraid to make that first meal because you fear the comments if you mess up.
Many of you stay in your rut because you're afraid.
Don't be.
You are letting everyone around you decide what you are.
You are a slave to their insecurities.
Be who YOU desire to be.
Don't ever be 'less' to keep the peace.
When you are everything you can be, they will profit from it as well.
You will be lovely, enchanting and have lovely food and accommodations.
They 'will' come around.
Some may resent you for the long haul. Just keep being you.
Don't let it phase you.
The changes are worth it I promise ;)
Keep in your mind what you desire to be and be aware of when others are influencing you.
Stick to your plan.
Stand strong.
Don't let them decide who YOU are.
That choice, my dear, is yours. ;)
You don't have to live in your rut any longer.
You can begin today to make change. Change that is lovely.
Much love always,

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