Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Was Able To Feed My Family Without Buying Groceries For 15 days!

I have really enjoyed this year, taking on a few
tasks in a very old fashioned manner. ;)
One of those has been laundry.
For years, I have pulled my clothes out of the
machine unsatisfied with the results.
Today, I took on the laundry by hand.
I got whites whiter, brights brighter,
I spotted better than ever
and was so much happier with the results.
I just can't get around the face that
every new thing I take on in an old fashioned
manner is so much more appealing.
We went through a rough month
financially in our household. I decided to
get creative in the kitchen.
I literally went 15 days without buying a single
grocery item! 15 days!
It took a lot of pulling out old cook books...
the kind with recipes from scratch.
We have several with recipes over 100 years old.
When I pull out those old cookbooks,
I scan through them to see which recipes I had
ingredients for....which of the others I could sub
with what I had and voila, I made amazing meals
without spending a penny for days!
I am still amazed at what I've accomplished.
Using those old cookbooks has felt so enchanting
It's hard to explain.
There was a day we went and picked wild blackberries
I came home and made a cobbler without eggs using
sweetened condensed milk as a milk substitute.
He can't quit raving about the cobbler.
I've learned sweetened condensed milk
takes the place of eggs and milk in sweet recipes
quite nicely. I made a delicious loaf of
homemade bread that was to die for. I had literally nothing
in my cupboards but was able to make this
with what I had in my baking area.
It used flour, sugar, salt, dry yeast, water and
shortening.. that was it.
I have NEVER tasted bread that could even rival.
It was like the bread they bring out to you at
restuarants with butter. It was heavenly. I kept
snipping pieces.
I had a bag of potatoes that I made daily at breakfast time
We happened to have some dried mushrooms
and of course spices and flour and I whipped
up gravies you wouldn't believe along with biscuits
I made crepes using literally nothing but eggs, flour,
water,salt cin etc... and they were amazing.
Yes, you can make crepes with water instead of milk.
They turn out just fine. I just add a little
sugar, cin and nutmeg to enhance the flavor.
We sauted some bananas with cinamon and brown sugar
to fill them with and it was pure heaven.
It was an amazing couple of weeks.
I am amazed. My domestic ability increased tremendously
and I learned that we spend far too much for
groceries on average. Never ever buy premade
when it's as simple to make homemade.
My advice?
Start collecting OLD cookbooks.
The kinds that don't have recipes with premade
Too many of my magazines suggest buying already
made crepes or packaged biscuits (biscuits are
far too simple to make from scratch to ever
need the store bought variety)
Keep those cookbooks. They are gold in times of
need. YOu can seriously drop your grocery budget simply
learning to cook from scratch.
I've learned to skim through them rather quickly and
never have to look anything up online.
I am seriously addicted to my cookbooks. They are
pure heaven.
If you find some from the 50s and 60s they
are absolutely charming. They don't only
tell you how to make something. They even plan
the display out for you with illustrations.
I have learned so much about how to arrange plates in
a lovely manner. Find those cookbooks that are
hitting thrift stores like crazy now. Sadly the
old housewives who cooked are dying and their cookbooks
are ending up in thrift stores now.
They are a true treasure. A glimpse of the past.
Our home has made food that rivaled any restuarant
nightly since I started buying them.
Enjoy ;)
I apologize for recent declines in posts. I assure
you it is not a trend. Just some stressful
times on the homefront. We are making it through
but prayers are very welcome ;)
Keep checking back. We will have many more tips
to come. The more we struggle the more I depend
on the tips from the old days to get me through.
Learning to be a housewife is such an amazing
I read something the other day that said
"we have the power to make our homes heaven
or hell. That is true female power."
That statement is so true. The drastic difference
in how I kept my house and the haven it is now
amazes me daily.
It was literally the result of working thorugh the big
mess and learning to do simple things to keep it up.
It has alotted me more free time than I ever imagined.
I love how lovely my home is now. I smile when I look at
it every day.
I love the old trainings on charm and etiquette.
I wouldn't give them up for the world.
The generations of the past had so much we need.
Continue with me on a journey back in time. Rediscover
the haven a home truly can be and
simplify your life as you do.
Much love always,

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