Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Habit Changing.... It is a process

Did you know that as you begin to make changes, your body will start to rebel?
Even changes that you are able to logically think through and know are better for you?
What is it that makes one sit and do nothing when doing 'something' would be so much better?
What is it that makes a girl fail at her diet once again?
What makes the man on the streets give up at life and return to nothing?
What makes that lady that dreams of wearing stylish dresses give up and open a dress store but continue to not groom herself?

It's been called fear of change....the process of changing habits.... any number of things.
I've heard people say to take it slow... just one thing at a time so as to not "shock" your system.

I also feel that those following that route are where they were last year... and the year before.
Yes, there is a process. There is also a body used to it's way of doing things. It will rebel against change for a  while. Our bodies thrive on routine. A change in schedule throws it off for a bit.
Think of the way you feel after an all night flight, the eeriness of a bed without your husband in it,
sleeping in a strange room, starting a new work out routine.
They say that so many health conditions flare from simply not having a "routine"

So... when you're in a rut, getting out of that rut will be stressful, difficult, challenging, tiring and you may even feel bad for a bit.
I do, however, believe that starting with all your fervor is best. Don't take it too slow.
Don't give yourself the ability to stay where it is. Set a goal path. Dive in with both feet. Like a new job, make it now and start now.

I had a sudden change in my life once. One minute I was living in a certain town with no thoughts of change. Was I happy? Not really. I just existed. Were my routines healthy? Not really but I never thought about it.
Deep in my mind, I still wanted to be all the things I'd always wanted to be, yet, I was letting each day just pass me by with no steps taken towards that goal whatsoever. I was surrounded by so much that made me miserable yet day after day, I left it there.
Then one day, I was in a position where I suddenly had to move. For a time, I moved in with someone who lived "exactly" the way I dreamed of. At first, I rebelled internally but literally within a week, I was living it. I adapted to the waking early and always looking nice for company. I kept my room spotless.
I cleaned the bathroom after I used it. I got involved socially. I got used to having company and serving appetizers. It was sudden and before long.. natural.

If I'd decided to just take one thing at a time.... I'd have never gotten anywhere.
You must have a passion strong enough to break your rut.
You must not lose focus on what you need to change in your life.
See the final picture. Begin living now as if it already were.
Clear the clutter and bad habits.
Begin to be the change you desire NOW.
Yes, it feels funny the first day with a fancy dress on. When you get past the change, you'll never want to go back.
Yes, it seems like work at first. Once you get used to it, you will delight in it.
Start now. Be ready for the awkwardness. Not getting the makeup right the first day doesn't' mean to give up. It means keep practicing.
Not sticking to your list doesn't mean it's futile. It means you can always pick yourself up and begin again. Just don't give up. Start it now. Learn it now. Give yourself the ability to make mistakes but don't give up.
My dad used to say, pretend. Imagine you ARE Kathryn Hepburn. Walk as though you are, talk as though you are.

Mary Kay always said "Fake it until you make it."
So maybe you only have a dress. Get out in that dress and look fabulous. Act as though you are already where you desire to be.

When you take on this role, something happens. It works.
Instead of trying to do new tasks while remaining who you currently 'are'
You are changing who you are completely.
You are no longer a lonely overweight housewife with no friends.

You are a stylish active lovely woman who adores her neighbors, has a lovely home, entertains, stays active and loves to cook healthy delicious food.

Once you believe it, things fall into place.
You won't wake up and look at the list seeing what you can skip as you continue to do nothing.
You will be a new woman with a new life and a schedule.
Close your eyes, hold your breath and jump in.
It's time to start living.
It's time to start giving.
It's time to make that home lovely.
It's time to cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

It's time to create family memories and traditions.
It's time to pursue those talents and finish those projects.
It's time to clear that clutter and sadness out of your life once and for all.
You can do it.
I promise ;)


  1. I absolutely love all of the pictures you have on your blog! I agree completely with this. You have to really put an effort into things, and if you continue to do them they will eventually become natural.

  2. Thank you so much! and true!


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