Friday, June 28, 2013

Why You Should Be Wise When It Comes To Mark Downs

One of my facebook "friends" was targeted this week. She has a few innocent pictures of her daughter and her posted on her site. They attracted the interest of a very dangeous man. She had posted a comment on her page mentioning that she was being harrased and posted his name. He was targeting her daughter and her with apparently comments of a sexual nature. I pulled up his page and it was offensive to look at but the most disturbing thing was a comment "Does anyone know where (my friend) lives" or something to that effect. I immediately told her to alert the police. He was a criminal that had been in prison and here he was not only interesed in her daughter but trying to find their address. The sad thing is, even if you are unlisted, your address can be found.
Be safe ladies. If you have to omit a part of your name, do! I wouldn't suggest connecting every school every location you are at ect online. The worst thing in the world you can do is post your location. I became a fan of the internet when identities were annonymous. I had my very own "you've got mail" situation in which I was fooled and talking to goodness knows who with the impression it was someone it was not. It was an awful experience.
Be ladylike. Do not post pictures that are innapropriate online. Be safe.

The type of men who are interested in such pictures are not good. period. They are dangerous.
There is nothing innocent about tempting such men. Please start to use caution. The right guys won't want a girl flashing her body to everyone and the attention you get really won't satisfy. Attention from the right man will.

I have much to do today and I am so sorry for the recent posting hiccup. I have been working hard on a farm in very very hot heat.

I can say this.... if I can keep house in a camper with no air conditoning, you can too.
You can plan your menu, you can spend wisely, you can keep house and you can groom. All of which should be MUCH easier for you than I right now. :)

I will begin to post my menu planning sheet that charts out the food groups you need to include, budget considerations, a shopping list with reference of prices from last visits etc. I will help you to consider coupons and how to know if you are truly getting a deal.
I will walk you through not getting so excited by a sale that you buy something and then realize that based on your use, it was truly a waste. It all takes planning.

If you are excited by every sale and every discount, you will be taken every time. Coupons are like a mans flattery. Often they are not a deal at all. For some reason, the store is trying to get rid of what they couldn't sell. Often.

You end up with a house of items you enjoy so much less that things of higher quality. But there are times when a coupon IS a good deal. It takes keeping track of what you buy and how much it normally costs. IF it is something you normally use, then yes, stock up- but only what you know you will use.

I am going to alert you to something that may upset walmart greatly.

 I have recently been shopping a lot at one particular walmart store. I am working at a farm and it is right there so most of my shopping, research etc. have been in that one location.

I have discovered the following disturbing things:
  • This particular Walmart consistently marks things down but when I get to the register - self check, those items ring up at full price. I have had to wait for a clerk continually to have her come key in the advertised discounted price. I honestly don't think it's ever run up with the discount as it should. This is easy to miss and when your ticket is higher than you think, make sure the charge on the sticker is the charge on your receipt.They make so much money from people who don't notice.
  • I had been eyeing a particular item and went in with exact change. When I went to the rack to purchase it, it had moved. I looked in their clearance rack and yes, the item had been moved there. It had also been marked up from the price I had noted... with a big sign saying "mark down! Savings!" I went back to choose another item and found one that they had missed with the original lower price. I bought the unmarked lower price item instead of their special "raised" price with false signs claiming a discount.
  • I also eyed a particular decorative bathroom set. Like I've mentioned in our design segment, I had taken a picture of this set with the price in my phone as part of my bathroom design. I went to look at it yesterday and guess what? You guessed it, it had been marked UP. Over a dollar on each item in the set.
  • I have been purchasing things at a local Lowes... for LESS than at Walmart and Lowes doesn't even claim to be low in price.
  • The items they move to the center aisle or the ends...the ones with the big signs like they are a special?  They are usually marked up and the highest price items there.
Don't be a fool for these stores. Don't fall for the pretty posters. I am not sure if all walmarts do this or even all stores...but know your price. Don't ever buy something on the end of the aisle without comparing it against the other brands first. Last, make SURE the discount rings up on your ticket.

Walmart is not always the cost leader. They are often priced higher than name brand stores. Deal with reputable companies in high priced items. Take a picture of the items or have the store hold them for a few weeks then go back. Be on alert for scams. Sadly, our marketplace is full of them. Be wise loves.

Much love always,

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