Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This One's About Sex Ladies

I am not sure how old many of you are. I do want to express concern for the change in society.

When I was younger, men were looking for "the one." They didn't see multiple partners as an option whatsoever. It wasn't something society approved of.

Men would seek the heart of the woman they most admired...not for intimacy but for a life partner. My first boyfriend treated me like a princess. He saved $200 of his paycheck to take me on weekly dates. He bought me flowers often. He held the door and treated me like a lady. He pursued me with the intent of marrying me.

I didn't end up with that particular man but it was something that left an impression. I was naive. I trusted men a little too much and many of my dates after him were quite forward.
I fell for every line men told me. I believed them when they said I was the "only one they'd ever felt that way for" or "they knew I must be the one."

I welcomed comments and flattery and attentions from perhaps the wrong men.

I want to share with you a tip for choosing the "Right" one.

-The right one won't pressure you for intimacy. He will be instead getting to know you and work to earn your hand.

-The right one will treat you like you are delicate. He will care about your feelings. He won't pressure you to do things you're uncomfortable doing nor will he give you guilt trips when you decide not to do something.
-The right one will make you feel encouraged to pursue your talents. He will build you up not tear you down.
-The right one will listen to your feelings and care about your feelings. The right one will be someone you feel safe with.
-The right one may not come on with as much flattery. He may be more shy or reserved but when he does compliment, you will know he means it with everything in him because his life 'shows' that he lives for you.

The Wrong one will appear as follows:
-The wrong guy has one intention... I'm sorry to have to hurt you but it will be to add you to his "many" female interests.
-The wrong one is very experienced at making women feel adored. He will be FULL of compliments. He will seem so crazy about you that you will be sure he is the one.
-The wrong one will try to tell you your perceptions are wrong about this or that. He will try to convince you to choose different options than you might normally (this is called breaking down your defenses. By doing so, he can easily get you to do things you wouldn't normally do)
-The wrong one will make you feel silly for your caution. He will make you try to see things in a different way. You won't even know it's happening but suddenly you will realize that you are giving up much of what you loved and doing things you would have previously avoided.
-The wrong one's attractions will come and go without any rhyme or reason. One day he will be so attentive, the next missing in action.
-The wrong one will continue to state his interest but his actions will never show it.
-The wrong one will never move in the direction of marriage at all. He will continue to make you "think" he is...yet oddly, it will never happen.
-The wrong one will look at other women. You will not feel secure in his love. You will feel empty and like you're never enough.

Our culture has fallen apart. Honestly, there are very few men interested in marriage. If you aren't on guard and prepared for the deceivers, you will be prey to them and end up alone and broken.

Flattery is NEVER a good thing. Remember that. Anyone full of words is up to tricks.There is always deceit.
True interest takes time.
Watch a man's actions not his words. Do his eye wander? Does he push you in ways that are uncomfortable. Is he truly as interested as you'd hoped or does he seem completely not there?

Save yourself. Do NOT make love to a man until he has proposed marriage and honestly, wait until he truly does. Many girls have made love to a man who purposed and then dissapeared. This is allowing the bad man to win at his game. Don't.

Don't date a man who shows sexual interest immediately. These men are nothing but trouble. They will never be the right one and you are just a number with them.

Be a lady and wait for a gentleman.
The right man truly will only desire you. He will want to provide for and love only you.
You deserve more than men offer now. Be a lady and refuse to give your beautiful amazing self to anyone who won't respect you.
You are a lady. You are lovely. You have the ability to raise your pricetag.
Men won't be gentlemen until we quit allowing them to be cruel.
Only a lady attracts a gentleman.
But the right lady can make a man a gentleman for life.
Be a lady. Be valuable. Be unused and delicate. Be someone a man can't get to without giving his life for her.
You are that fair matter your past. We can polish you up in no time and put you on display in the fanciest shelf. The choice is up to you.

God made you beautiful. Don't let the world make you ugly.
Your jewels weren't meant to be on the sample counter. They were meant to stay on the locked shelf. Only the right customer - the one who gives his life and all for you is worthy. Save yourself from rejection, mistreatment and pain.

Much love

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