Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Secret of the Neat and Tidy

I was lingering today at my usual morning stop for blogging and noticing the employees of the company where I was dining. It was quite clear which were management. They had special "attire"
That attire caused them to walk differently, talk differently, puff their heads up, look down at those around them etc. Those in the lesser attire were meak, timid, working much harder, less confident etc.

Underneath the "attire" we are all the same. I have had the priveledge in my life of being one who was 'followed and admired' as well as shy and insecure.
I have a friend who was once struggling to make it on crackers and cheese and now, dressed in his pretty clothes and singing somewhere in CA, he is being adored and admired.

I see too many women give up on having a better life. For some reason or another, they decide that they would love to have a lovely home or an amazing wardrobe. They wish they were elegant etc but that just isn't how the cards were dealt. They accept their lot... some begrudgingly and give up while living the life they dreamed in their fantasy life or on facebook. You have the ability to "choose" your attire in life. How you present yourself to the world is entirely up to you. You can be neat and meticulous about it. Or you can be lazy and unconcerned. Whatever YOU choose to wear, is how you will be seen.

Did you know that you have just as much ability as anyone?
If I were to decide to make you famous tomorrow, that I could?
I could just as easily take you and set you up with a personal trainer, fashion consultant, interior designer, photographer for promo shots, agent to manage press etc and voila... make you amazing in a minute.
Did you know you can take those same steps yourself?

You CAN lose the weight and have an amazing figure. That's the funny thing about weight and image. EVERYONE has equal ability to be:
  • fit and in shape
  • tanned
  • styled becomingly
  • graceful elegant and refined
  • made up with a flair
  • lovely
  • kind
  • gentle
  • immaculate in housekeeping
  • an amazing cook
  • an amazing wife
  • an amazing mother
  • a superb decorator
  • a divine hostess
I could go on.

There is one common feature in each of these. They are "learned" behaviors. They have absolutely nothing to do with genetics. This is why anyone and everyone 'could' be made into a celebrity.
and everyone 'can' be amazing.

There is no reason to feel insecure of those who have accomplished more. You have every bit as much ability as the next person.

There is no reason to be envious of your neighbors perfectly clean home. With a mop and a bucket, yours could be as well.

There is no reason to be jealous of the woman with the perfectly put together outfits. You have just as much ability to pull out your wardrobe, begin mending/adjusting/decorating etc to make the outfit you desire.

The things that make you stand out in life are not your natural features. At a very young age, life wears on all of us. We all must pluck, groom, bath, iron, bleach, exercise, dye, practice grace etc, wash, mend, clean, decorate etc.

And the older we get, the MORE we have to do to stay lovely.
It gets a bit more difficult with age. The benefits also decline. The older you get in life, the less you can expect recognition and the more you must come to realize what is important to YOU.
The usual wear of life will hit. Messes will pile around you and at some point, you will have to decide that it's important to you. If you don't, life will continue to fall apart around you.

Some put all of their focus on image. They leave out the social aspects and charitable aspects of life. They forget everyone around them and end up alone in their death.
They achieve fame/perhaps success and it doesn't satisfy.
Others neglect grooming and homemaking - have lovely friends but always feel undone and a mess.

You must achieve that balance that makes you happy.

Everything you neglect in life will come back to punish you more than any other.
  • If you neglect your weight, YOU will end up carrying the extra and taking the hurtful comments and bad health that come with it.
  • If you neglect your home, YOU will suffer in the dirty environment that taxes on your emotions and makes you ashamed
  • If you neglect your appearance, YOU will have to deal with the sloppy feeling and the effects it has on your self esteem. You won't enjoy going out, you will be jealous of others, you will be miserable. Some may even reject you. You will likely have no love life to speak of.
  • If you neglect your friends, YOU will be the lonely one suffering and sad. You will have turned everyone but yourself away and found that your company isn't so satisfying.
  • IF you neglect your finances, YOU will be the one that doesn't have money for healthcare or food. YOU will have to face those around you that you are neglected due to poor management. YOU will have to go without the luxuries of life because you were foolish with what you had.
"What a man does with little is what he will do with much"

If you don't manage your home in the small neighborhood, you would make a mess of one bigger.
Many people live thinking IF. If only I had this or that, my life would be better. It's the outfit right? or the trainer? or the home? or the boat? or the job?

Do you want the truth?

It's YOU.

Those people would have just as neat and tidy a home, just as nice a figure, just as well managed funds with little as they do much. Their success isn't what they have, it's them and their personal discipline and management of what they are given.

"those who do well with little will be given much"
"those who mismanage what they have will end up with even less"

Make the most of what you have today.
If you aren't caring well for your body, your home, your loved ones etc.
Then honestly you aren't ready for more.
Start to care for such things and something amazing will happen. As you clean up the life you have, you will no longer desire another but it will naturally begin to fall into place.

The secret to life is discipline my loves. That and learning to love every person around you.

Never lift your head in superiority. Just as you are capable of being anything... so are they.
Be careful who you look down on now, they may be ahead of you in the future.
Be kind to all. Love all. Realize life is ever changing. Make the most of where you are now.

Refuse to be 'sloppy' with your grooming, your time, your loved ones, your attire, your home, your cooking etc.

Make it a goal to live a life that will bring rewards to those around you as well as yourself. Don't let the bug of neglect destroy you or those you love.

Much love,

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