Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Importance of Goal Setting and Planning

When you have a job to go to, preparing for the day is natural. You lay out your clothes, prepare a lunch, finish any extra housekeeping etc. The following morning, without fail, you get up, get dressed and get out. There seems to be something about doing work for others that is easier than doing it for ourselves. The successful are simply those who work well for and respect themselves. Do you work as well for yourself as you would for a company? Do you manage yourself as well as you would if you managed a company? Do you serve meals and keep house as well as you would if you had a Bed and Breakfast? See what I mean? Too many women don't even plan their day at all. I don't believe it is laziness. These same women would thrive in a job where they were given a list of things to do for the day. There is something lacking in the confidence of these women. It's not a lack of desire to do well. It's more of a lack of direction. Uncertainty of what to do. They may have a to do list but don't know where to start. The house may seem so messy that you feel unable to do it - afraid you can't. I want you to do the following: Each night, plan out a handful of things that you'd like to do the next day. My preference would be the things you are most self conscious of or most afraid to do. If they were your tasks in a job, you'd do them. I see people mop floors, stock shelves etc every day when I leave the house. If you can work well for another, you can work well for yourself. It's just a matter of knowing that YOU CAN! Write the 6 things you'd like done the next day down. I want you to think about where you'd like to be in a year. What is your ideal living environment? What is your ideal image? What kind of meals would you idealy like to make? I want you to think about all of this and plan it. The only thing standing between you and your future is a lack of planning. It has been proven that planning SAVES time so don't feel guilty for taking time to plan. You would otherwise sit doing nothing in your confusion and frustration. Having a plan should give you a purpose. It will give you goals. Once you've made your master plan, choosing your 6 things to do the next day will be simple. Do it. Prepare for the next day. Perhaps lay out clothes, take a bubble bath. Prepare as if you were going to a job. In the morning, get up, make that bed and start devoting 10 min at a time to each thing. When you feel compelled to sit and veg, spend ten minutes on one of your tasks instead. Everytime you find yourself with extra time, devote it to those things. Do this each day. Things will come up. Money will run out. Emergencies happen. By doing this each day, you can make those emergencies one of your 6 things. Have your end goal written down where you see it each time you plan your day. Make it your goal to never veg around as if you don't have a job again. Get up, get glamorous and get to work. For those of you needing more direction, sign up for my ecourse. We will get you and your situation on track and running in a way that will work for you! Until Tomorrow Much Love, Veronique

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