Friday, June 7, 2013

What a Home Should Be

Imagine an ideal home... your dream home. What thoughts come to mind?

Is there the amazing smell of home cooked food? A cozy Fireplace?
Is the bathroom luxurious? Is the living room serene? Perhaps there is an amazingly beautiful enchanting garden?

The ideal home is achievable. If it was your job to create such an environment, you would brainstorm with your customer, find out what they desired and then go to create this ideal.

The problem with most of us is that we don't plan at all. We buy things on impulse when we see a good buy. Often this is based on how it looks in the store without any consideration whatsoever to what it will do for our environment at home.

In order to create an ideal home, you must start planning it AT home. You must jot down details about what you will need and what will enhance the space where you are. What features do you love that you want to bring out? What hobbies to each member of the family participate in? What kind of arrangement would best create the idea for each person in your family. Perhaps your husband likes to work on crafts or sculpt? Perhaps he's a hunter or fisherman. What does he love to do? How are you going create an ideal enviroment for him to do this?

What do you love to do? Perhaps a makeup stand with everything out to easily apply. If you love to cook, a lovely cooking area. If you love to swim, a pool? Some love sewing or scrapbooking... set up a little desk to make it lovely for yourself.

What do your children like? How can you set things up in their rooms and living areas to make it ideal for them as well.

Consider this as you write out your plan. Make your goal to have a home that is so inviting, everyone can't wait to get home. Make it a place where everyone has room and space to do the things they love to do. Set it up ideally for the comfort of all.

If you love to entertain, plan this. Perhaps putting a decorative patio set out back would enhance. Set up or build bars to display food etc.

1) what you want to do in the home
2) what each member of the family would love to have in the home
3) any other considerations

Then plan around that.

The home should be a haven for all. It should make the man feel like a king and you feel like a queen.
It should be:
  • Pleasing and restful with furnishings selected for comfort and convenience
  • a place of love. Children and husbands as well as YOU need love in order to develop talents and abilities. Is everyone being nurtured and loved? Is everyone encouraged to pursue their talents and abilities. Is everyone nurtured?

  • If you have children, consider activities. Encourage them to follow interests in science, crafts, hobbies etc. what work spaces do you need to set up for this? Consider the child's exuberance, spills and messy projects. Families are not the best places for low placed fancy dishes or over cluttered rooms.
  • The home is to be a place where everyone is able to develop and can grow in usefulness and abilities. Encourage those in your home. Love them. Provide good nutrition and a serene environment.

I was reading and will be continuing to read a home economics course from 1908 at a university.

It was mentioning the failure of many wives to be able to discriminate between needs and wants.

The following was listed as "those things which man must have to live under the best conditions"

Items listed were:
  • Pure food
  • healthful clothing
  • sanitary houses
  • sufficient air and light
  • things which will minister to their highest intellectual and spiritual development.
Being a housewife is somewhat like being a coordinator at an event such as a wedding.
It is your duty to make sure everything is ideal for each guest or family member.

Their needs, development and happiness are in your hands.

It is your job to provide ideal food, warm/clean clothing, a sanitary environment, and a  home that is in lovely order and pleasing for those who live there as well as any guests they want to bring by for business or recreation.

Your home should always be in lovely order. Guests should always be welcome.
If this is an area of struggle, make it your goal to work on this and fix this.
Make sure you are taking care of what God has given you and spending on true family needs before other things.
Make this ideal environment your goal and delight in your duty.
You will not just be creating a better home for you family, you'll be creating a better home for you.

More quotes from the 1908 housewife course:

"It is the work of the housewife to initiate, plan and direct the business of the house."

"There shoudl be no question as to the need of education and training for the woman who selects the food, clothing and works of art which minister to the highest welfare of the family than there is for the need of study on the part of the farmer, manufacturere or the artist who produces them."

."An inviting comfortable home doesn't happen without planning, discipline and work."

"In addition to the knowledge gained through study, there should be a liberal amount of practice in the various duties before one assumes the care of the house.
Unfortunate the home where the practical experience all comes after marriage. It comes as the hardest of periods and is unjust to any man."

Sadly the last comment applies today but we can fix it ladies.

Homekeeping is a profession. An honorable profession and one to learn and master. Stick with me and we will learn.

Much love always
Note that she is a "winter" Wearing a deep cool red shade :)

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