Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creating a Killer Wardrobe

"Buy less, choose well, and mix it all." -- Vivien Westwood
"Shop smart, stay chic and make it last" " A stylish woman always looks like she's en route to the most marvelous event in her life"-- Nina Garcia

We all have a personal style. There are looks that appeal to us. We stare at certain gowns. We covet the eye makeup of certain models. We adore certain colors. What we don't realize is that in so doing, we are discovering our true style preference. The sad things is, most women never seek to go out and truly discover it. They continue to gaze longlingly at the model in the magazine and the proceed to put on their sweats and jeans and barely brush through their hair. They never wear the extravagant gown or the elegant eye makeup.
Yet, with just a bit of effort, they truly could.

When you see a gown or a look in a magazine, it may even be possible to recreate it with what you already have at home. Perhaps you need to alter here or there but you may have something already at home that is simliar. Consider what you have at home, fashion your look not around bargains but around the looks you desire. Similar to home design, fashioning yourself requires a bit of planning. Choose the look you desire FIRST... then seek to create it using the clothes you have at home and then shopping specifically for what you desire. Don't waste your dollars or time on clothes that aren't what you desire. Find an icon perhaps. Clip photos of looks you like, then begin to look through your wardrobe and create it. When you shop, go with a look in mind. Learn to avoid impulse shopping in the home, in your attire and in your menu and you will be so much happier with the result. Similar to a meal that you just put together a well planned meal is heavenly. Clothing/fashion and even home design all work by the same rule.

Those that look amazing, planned it that way. They did not simply throw together their outfit at the last minute and neither should you.

I encourage you to embrace your style. Not the one you've settled for, the one you desire.

The only thing standing between you and anyone else that succeeded in life, is the amount of time they were willing to invest to learn such skills.

Fashion is a skill all it's own. It's about discovering your true style - the image you desire to express and learning to master it. I once wore clothing in the style that had been purchased for me growing up. It did not express my style one bit. I longed to wear dresses. I remember telling my mom once that I wanted only dresses. She proceeded to buy me pants. I was stuck in a style I did not like but I did my best with colors and makeup to spice it up anyways. However, as adults, this is silly. We have every ability to wear the clothes we desire and I do believe that as women, we long to be elegant, feminine and mysterious. So discover your style and work to create it.

Step one: Create your style notebook. Clip magazine photos, print out elegant photos from the 50s. Make a collection of the looks you have loved and longed to imitate. Create a fashion binder and paste them there. Take the time to create a book that fits the true look you desire. You will discover your inner style in so doing and the look that you should be shopping for.
Step two: Time to go through what you have. Does it fit the image you have desired? Can it be altered to do so? Does it flatter you colorwise? If not, perhaps giving to charity is a good idea.
Step three: Start thinking of what looks would go good together. If you have clothes with no match, what would you need to make it it's ideal? Would it look better tucked in here or altered there. I have often removed straps to make tops strapless. I've also unfastened straps at the back to tie around my neck in a halter fashion. I've added glitter, sequins, zebra print to more items than you would believe. I love to throw on rhinestones and jewels to go with my favorite necklace. Look at the potential of each item.. What would make that top go with that skirt? Perhaps adding a few jewels or some fabric? Strategize. It is truly a joy to do so. Perhaps your tan top doesn't match your handbag as is, but if you were to add some tan zebra print ribbon would it? Are there things you can do to make your clothes coordinate or express your style more clearly?

Begin to create your style. Consider your coloring. Look at your hair, eyes, skin tone etc. If your figure is keeping you from the type of dresses you desire, work to alter it while finding flattering options right now. If you can't give away something that doesn't fit, then at least box it up and put it in a back room for now. Over time, you will be more comfortable giving it away as you lessen the attachment to it. Keeping it in your closet is only causing stress and taking space.

Create your style. Express the you inside. Find your femininity.

Seek to enhance the beauty of that around you. Don't just throw things together whether it be menu, your outfit or the flowers on the table. Make it heavenly.

Much love Always,

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