Monday, June 17, 2013

Developing Grace and Charm

Please forgive me for getting  my days messed up. I posted on Nutrition and Food Prep yesterday, so today I will post on the missed subject: charm etiquette an social involvement/spiritual ventures. :)

One of the things women studied continually in the past that we seem to have lost track of is posture/grace/carriage and elegance in your conduct.

Women studied female actresses, practiced their posture, practiced their walk. They worked to make their voices pleasing and soothing.

After all, nothing destroys a lovely image like a clumsy or masculine walk, a harsh expression or a slopping sitting posture.

The most important part of learning is practice.

Begin walking with a book on your head. Practice walking this way often. Keep your rear end tucked under, your chin up, and glide as your walk.

Work on your inner emotions. The more calm and loving your feelings within, the more lovely you're exterior will be. I always found it so interesting to see those attractive to men. They are without fail, most attracted to women with serene expressions. Even the most beautiful women are ugly to them if they are loud, reckless, firm, frowning etc.

 Yet a woman who is very plain that walks with a delicate gait, with gentleness and a tender expression on her face is amazingly beautiful to them. Did you know that Cleopatra herself was plain in features? There are several women in history that were known as the most amazing women to men yet their features themselves were nothing extraordinary. Yet their posture, their mannerisms, their elegance and charm (sweetness of personality etc) were so fascinating, the men couldn't get enough.

Women today also tend to focus too much on looking sexually available and less on looking kind, lovely and gentle. It is not as appealing at all. There is so much elegance in looking pure and refined. Not sexually assertive.

Beauty of features is a very short lived feature in life. I do believe that many women that go out of their way to improve  their features in older age but they often result in a deformed look to their features. Still, the women with elegance and grace (with or without surgery) remain the most lovely.

Let your expressions, your face, your gestures and demeanor reflect grace and charm. When you are introduced to someone, watch carefully what you think inside. If you are envious, irritated, annoyed etc... it will show on your face. It is vital that you learn to look at everyone and think as you do something lovely upon meeting them. I usually focus on something about them that is lovely. No matter how harsh or cold they may come accross. No matter how coldly they may treat you, think of something about them that you truly see as pleasing. Imagine a kind hidden feature. Think of what pain they may be going through etc. Then when you can think of them as kindly, your face will be more accepting, they will like you more. You will come accross as lovely. Practice this. Practice seeing everyone in a lovely light and you yourself will be more lovely and likeable as well.

Another thing you MUST do in order to be graceful in public is well groomed. Make sure you are lovely, clean, hemmed, plucked, dry cleaned, washed etc. Make the colors you wear as well as the ensemble appealing, soothing and gentle. Make sure your hair is neat as well as your nails and clothing. Make everything about you delicate and pleasing. Take the time to polish your shoes and tidy your handbag. When you reach out a hand to meat someone, make sure it is lovely - lovely nails, soft skin etc. Make sure your breath is inviting, your clothes are neat and well cared for. When you are put together well, not only will you come across more lovely to them, you will feel less self conscious about yourself. This confidence will make your more graceful and relaxed.

Speak softly, speak kindly, speak with love. Don't rush through doors first, be aware of those around you. When someone does make eye contact with you, gently smile. Work to be considerate of those around you. Be gentle not crass. Be pleasant to everyone you come into contact with.
The more you practice, grace, kindness, elegance and consideration of others, the more lovely you will be.

The more you work to make your posture and your presence soft and kind and rid yourself of selfish, cold, icy, aggressive postures and expressions, the closer you will be to reflecting the 1950s housewife  with all of her charm. This is a beauty that doesn't fade with age. It is a beauty we all can attain and it makes more difference in appearance than any outfit ever will. It is not that the women in the movies of the 50s were more lovely in feature, they were however, far more lovey in mannerisms and charm.
Work to make everything about you gentle, pleasing and serene. Work not to be harsh or aggressive. Elegance and loveliness will become second nature with practice.

Much love always,

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  1. I love your blog and really enjoyed the pictures. I feel there has been such a loss of female identity in this country and I really hope it makes its way back into fashion.


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