Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Canning Time!!

Alright gals, it's summer and summer can be so much fun but also a lot of work!

First things first, type in on google 'season harvest guide' or something to that effect. You may want to stop by your local farmers market for a guide as well.


Find out when the fruits, veggies, etc that you love are fresh and in season.
What I would love for you to do is to have every food you would normally buy canned in the store - freshly canned by you. There is nothing better than freshly canned foods. It will save you so much money and honestly, it's fun. You will know you are healthy and when you work this summer to fill up your cupboards with your favorite fruits and veggies freshly canned by you, it will make you smile the whole year long.
Decide on the size of jars.
I love the smaller ones because I'm usually feeding two. That's the size I buy them so that's the size I can them. :)

There are recipes for all sorts of lovely things canned - fruit salsas etc so have fun.

On my hot list right now because there are ripe trees around me are:

1) mulberries
2) cherries - we just picked a box full and I made them on pancakes this morning... it was heavenly!
3) apricots - should be ripe this next week here
4) plums - coming ripe as well :)
5) strawberries
6) peas
7) green onions - I dry these
8) rasberries
9) blackberries
10) huckleberries
11) carrots
12) potatoes
13) blueberries
14) various meats and soups :) (if you have leftover meat - freeze it or can it. There's no reason to go though food droughts if you plan wisely when you have money. Anytime you have a surplus in funds or a lot of extra leftover meat or food, can it for when you don't ) ;)

I am going to make some fresh jams first then can the rest of the fruits and veggies.
I love to dry my green onions and tomatoes.

I am soooo excited. But if you don't jump on your canning as soon as it's ripe, it's going to cost a lot more to do later. Have fun. There are often trees around you that you didn't even realize where there. Regardless, during this time of year the local markets are selling and it's so fun to go buy fresh lush fruits and veggies and go at it!

Canning is much simpler than you may realize if you've never done it. It's simply a matter of 1) picking 2) washing 3) seeding/pitting etc 4) blanching (this is simply boiling for usually a few minutes at most and then immediately putting them into cold water. (Canning instructions will direct you through this). Then you put everything in jars, get the bubbles out boil your lids and boil in water for the processing time... voila
It seems like a lot but it's really pretty easy. I will photograph and post the directions for the items I can for fun. I think you will enjoy it. :)

I hope everyone is well.

In the mean time look at your local harvesting times for where you live and pick out the fruits/veggies you'd like to can and fill your cupboards with. Make a list.
Look around your area to see where there are local trees and bushes coming into bloom with fruits. Pick them!

Go to your local farmers market and stock up on the discounts of in season produce.

Buy your jars and lids and google how to can each item.
Have fun!
If you are interested in my course on everything you could possibly need to learn, I am happy to start you out for a month as a trial. It's only $20/month and I will help you through :)
I'm excited to start sewing some summer dresses too! I've bought some recent patterns that I love. I will photograph and walk you through what I do as I make them. You should love it. :) It only takes a few days to make a dress and I always love my dresses more than store bought. :)
I hope everyone is well and making the most of the summer days,

Much love,

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Why You Should Be Wise When It Comes To Mark Downs

One of my facebook "friends" was targeted this week. She has a few innocent pictures of her daughter and her posted on her site. They attracted the interest of a very dangeous man. She had posted a comment on her page mentioning that she was being harrased and posted his name. He was targeting her daughter and her with apparently comments of a sexual nature. I pulled up his page and it was offensive to look at but the most disturbing thing was a comment "Does anyone know where (my friend) lives" or something to that effect. I immediately told her to alert the police. He was a criminal that had been in prison and here he was not only interesed in her daughter but trying to find their address. The sad thing is, even if you are unlisted, your address can be found.
Be safe ladies. If you have to omit a part of your name, do! I wouldn't suggest connecting every school every location you are at ect online. The worst thing in the world you can do is post your location. I became a fan of the internet when identities were annonymous. I had my very own "you've got mail" situation in which I was fooled and talking to goodness knows who with the impression it was someone it was not. It was an awful experience.
Be ladylike. Do not post pictures that are innapropriate online. Be safe.

The type of men who are interested in such pictures are not good. period. They are dangerous.
There is nothing innocent about tempting such men. Please start to use caution. The right guys won't want a girl flashing her body to everyone and the attention you get really won't satisfy. Attention from the right man will.

I have much to do today and I am so sorry for the recent posting hiccup. I have been working hard on a farm in very very hot heat.

I can say this.... if I can keep house in a camper with no air conditoning, you can too.
You can plan your menu, you can spend wisely, you can keep house and you can groom. All of which should be MUCH easier for you than I right now. :)

I will begin to post my menu planning sheet that charts out the food groups you need to include, budget considerations, a shopping list with reference of prices from last visits etc. I will help you to consider coupons and how to know if you are truly getting a deal.
I will walk you through not getting so excited by a sale that you buy something and then realize that based on your use, it was truly a waste. It all takes planning.

If you are excited by every sale and every discount, you will be taken every time. Coupons are like a mans flattery. Often they are not a deal at all. For some reason, the store is trying to get rid of what they couldn't sell. Often.

You end up with a house of items you enjoy so much less that things of higher quality. But there are times when a coupon IS a good deal. It takes keeping track of what you buy and how much it normally costs. IF it is something you normally use, then yes, stock up- but only what you know you will use.

I am going to alert you to something that may upset walmart greatly.

 I have recently been shopping a lot at one particular walmart store. I am working at a farm and it is right there so most of my shopping, research etc. have been in that one location.

I have discovered the following disturbing things:
  • This particular Walmart consistently marks things down but when I get to the register - self check, those items ring up at full price. I have had to wait for a clerk continually to have her come key in the advertised discounted price. I honestly don't think it's ever run up with the discount as it should. This is easy to miss and when your ticket is higher than you think, make sure the charge on the sticker is the charge on your receipt.They make so much money from people who don't notice.
  • I had been eyeing a particular item and went in with exact change. When I went to the rack to purchase it, it had moved. I looked in their clearance rack and yes, the item had been moved there. It had also been marked up from the price I had noted... with a big sign saying "mark down! Savings!" I went back to choose another item and found one that they had missed with the original lower price. I bought the unmarked lower price item instead of their special "raised" price with false signs claiming a discount.
  • I also eyed a particular decorative bathroom set. Like I've mentioned in our design segment, I had taken a picture of this set with the price in my phone as part of my bathroom design. I went to look at it yesterday and guess what? You guessed it, it had been marked UP. Over a dollar on each item in the set.
  • I have been purchasing things at a local Lowes... for LESS than at Walmart and Lowes doesn't even claim to be low in price.
  • The items they move to the center aisle or the ends...the ones with the big signs like they are a special?  They are usually marked up and the highest price items there.
Don't be a fool for these stores. Don't fall for the pretty posters. I am not sure if all walmarts do this or even all stores...but know your price. Don't ever buy something on the end of the aisle without comparing it against the other brands first. Last, make SURE the discount rings up on your ticket.

Walmart is not always the cost leader. They are often priced higher than name brand stores. Deal with reputable companies in high priced items. Take a picture of the items or have the store hold them for a few weeks then go back. Be on alert for scams. Sadly, our marketplace is full of them. Be wise loves.

Much love always,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This One's About Sex Ladies

I am not sure how old many of you are. I do want to express concern for the change in society.

When I was younger, men were looking for "the one." They didn't see multiple partners as an option whatsoever. It wasn't something society approved of.

Men would seek the heart of the woman they most admired...not for intimacy but for a life partner. My first boyfriend treated me like a princess. He saved $200 of his paycheck to take me on weekly dates. He bought me flowers often. He held the door and treated me like a lady. He pursued me with the intent of marrying me.

I didn't end up with that particular man but it was something that left an impression. I was naive. I trusted men a little too much and many of my dates after him were quite forward.
I fell for every line men told me. I believed them when they said I was the "only one they'd ever felt that way for" or "they knew I must be the one."

I welcomed comments and flattery and attentions from perhaps the wrong men.

I want to share with you a tip for choosing the "Right" one.

-The right one won't pressure you for intimacy. He will be instead getting to know you and work to earn your hand.

-The right one will treat you like you are delicate. He will care about your feelings. He won't pressure you to do things you're uncomfortable doing nor will he give you guilt trips when you decide not to do something.
-The right one will make you feel encouraged to pursue your talents. He will build you up not tear you down.
-The right one will listen to your feelings and care about your feelings. The right one will be someone you feel safe with.
-The right one may not come on with as much flattery. He may be more shy or reserved but when he does compliment, you will know he means it with everything in him because his life 'shows' that he lives for you.

The Wrong one will appear as follows:
-The wrong guy has one intention... I'm sorry to have to hurt you but it will be to add you to his "many" female interests.
-The wrong one is very experienced at making women feel adored. He will be FULL of compliments. He will seem so crazy about you that you will be sure he is the one.
-The wrong one will try to tell you your perceptions are wrong about this or that. He will try to convince you to choose different options than you might normally (this is called breaking down your defenses. By doing so, he can easily get you to do things you wouldn't normally do)
-The wrong one will make you feel silly for your caution. He will make you try to see things in a different way. You won't even know it's happening but suddenly you will realize that you are giving up much of what you loved and doing things you would have previously avoided.
-The wrong one's attractions will come and go without any rhyme or reason. One day he will be so attentive, the next missing in action.
-The wrong one will continue to state his interest but his actions will never show it.
-The wrong one will never move in the direction of marriage at all. He will continue to make you "think" he is...yet oddly, it will never happen.
-The wrong one will look at other women. You will not feel secure in his love. You will feel empty and like you're never enough.

Our culture has fallen apart. Honestly, there are very few men interested in marriage. If you aren't on guard and prepared for the deceivers, you will be prey to them and end up alone and broken.

Flattery is NEVER a good thing. Remember that. Anyone full of words is up to tricks.There is always deceit.
True interest takes time.
Watch a man's actions not his words. Do his eye wander? Does he push you in ways that are uncomfortable. Is he truly as interested as you'd hoped or does he seem completely not there?

Save yourself. Do NOT make love to a man until he has proposed marriage and honestly, wait until he truly does. Many girls have made love to a man who purposed and then dissapeared. This is allowing the bad man to win at his game. Don't.

Don't date a man who shows sexual interest immediately. These men are nothing but trouble. They will never be the right one and you are just a number with them.

Be a lady and wait for a gentleman.
The right man truly will only desire you. He will want to provide for and love only you.
You deserve more than men offer now. Be a lady and refuse to give your beautiful amazing self to anyone who won't respect you.
You are a lady. You are lovely. You have the ability to raise your pricetag.
Men won't be gentlemen until we quit allowing them to be cruel.
Only a lady attracts a gentleman.
But the right lady can make a man a gentleman for life.
Be a lady. Be valuable. Be unused and delicate. Be someone a man can't get to without giving his life for her.
You are that fair matter your past. We can polish you up in no time and put you on display in the fanciest shelf. The choice is up to you.

God made you beautiful. Don't let the world make you ugly.
Your jewels weren't meant to be on the sample counter. They were meant to stay on the locked shelf. Only the right customer - the one who gives his life and all for you is worthy. Save yourself from rejection, mistreatment and pain.

Much love

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heavy Weighted Emotions....Why They Blindside You and How to Conquer Them

It has been rainy here this week. One one hand it has been serene, peaceful cozy and lovely. On the other, there have been some storms with lightning, crazy winds, and the accompanying migraine headaches.

There have been extreme ups an extreme downs both weatherwise and emotionally. I believe that life would be dull without these ups and downs. It is the bad that makes the good so wonderful. They are the flavor of life.
 The spicy foods, the comfort foods, the ice creams, the coffee, the chocolate, and the cinnabuns.

The excitement of change causes each flavor to shine it's brightest. Think how we would get bored with the sun if there were no rainy days for the sun to shine through. If it rained everyday, it would be so gloomy but after a hot streak or desert like weather, it feels so refreshing, cool, and moist. There are days I'm so tired of sitting I could scream and getting outside is pure heaven. And there are days when I've been outside so long, I just want to curl up on a couch.

This is what will happen in your houskeeping, your planning, your relationships and more. There are days all I want is to curl up and hear my grandma speak. I've missed my uncle this month so much it hurt.

Emotions will attach to housework. For a time, my fiance would sit and read to me while I did housework. Then one day, he didn't want to anymore. I quit enjoying housework for a spell. It had been his company that had made me adore it. When he was no longer there, I just wanted to leave... not because I didn't LOVE keeping house...but because it made me sad. I was alone. It was no longer time with my baby and his lack of presence made me sad and lonely. It became so depressing, I had to get out. When my grandma died, cooking with her dishes killed me. When my uncle died, making cream cheese enchiladas, triggered tears.

Life is about change and as that change occurs, your routine will have to change as well. You may be so happy in your routine with everything going well and then change will happen. Suddenly you can't get your groove back. The emotions pile up and you are paralyzed. This is what I call 'Strategy Time.' First, recognize the emotion... what IS it you're feeling/missing/craving/mourning? If, like me, you are lacking company or perhaps recognition etc... it's time to strategize how to fix that kink.

This lovely man of mine is a master handyman. He hoards at times which can cause me a bit of stress but I am amazed at what he can do with what he hoards. On a whim he can take these things he collects and build anything. Literally. It amazes and fascinates me. This is what you will need to do with your planning. When a screw comes loose and he fines a way to "make" a screw, it amazes me. When your company is gone, it's time to find a replacement activity that will fill the same void. There are many things you can do to keep from feeling lonely, for instance. I began to use housework time as a time to call a friend I missed or even better if I absolutely couldn't get him off my mind... I'd do something to please him as I cleaned that day.

Set up a treasure hunt for him to find when he gets home. Set up a table display for dinner that night. Sneak cozy letters in places for him to find when he will, or I'd take advantage of his "lack" of being there to do the things he didn't like me to do in his company.... blast big band music and dance across the floor with any crazy dance move I felt a hankering for. Or, perhaps, piling my hair tall on my head imagining myself as the queen of my palace. I also love to see how many books I can pile on my head walking across the floor in 5 inch heels, watching every romance movie I'd adored when young etc.

  The secret to loving homemaking is to make it fun. Much of housework is alone. If you don't enjoy your own company, it will be miserable. In such case, I suggest a pet.

 Just make it fun. Sneak in surprises and fun things for yourself throughout the day as you work. Make them things you have to work to do. The other day I took every job I had to do and wrote it on a post it note. I taped them randomly on my upper cupboard. I set my time for 10 min and each time it went of I closed my eyes and randomly grabbed a post it. I changed my task each ten minutes throwing them away as I finished them. It was fun. It was creative and I got a LOT done. Sometimes you won't be able to make yourself "feel like doing it. I think many of us spend hours trying to find motivation and at times there won't be any. It's a matter of doing even when you aren't feeling good. The doing BRINGS the feelings around. There was a time this week I was just sad. There was no rhyme or reason to it. I was just sad. I said okay- 10 min. I'm just going to do this for 10 min. Once I started, I didn't want to stop. It just took making myself start. If your job said mop the floor, you may not want to, but you would. sometimes you have to make yourself start. You won't be able to make yourself feel like starting. At such times, you just have to start anyways.

When you start, it will feel better. But make it fun. Throw in things you love. Also, plan it. At the beginning of each day I want you to decide how many hours you want to do housework and then decide which hours they will be. 3-5? 2-4? 10-2? Those are your work hours. Turn off you phone. Turn off your computer. You are at work those hours. No interruptions allowed.

Then go for it with all your ferver and when do, you're off. Enjoy it! You can't always change your emotions. We have absolutely no control over how we feel. We do however have COMPLETE control over what we do and what we do WILL affect how we feel. So use that to your advantage. Give up on thinking you can change your moods. They are something you can't control. But take control of what you can - yor actions. What can you DO to make yourself feel different? Since you won't be able to control your feelings. Make note of what tends to make you happy in action. Then flood yourself with such actions when down. Make note of what makes you sad and avoid such things when moody. And when all else fails. Do what you know you need to do no matter how you feel. Don't let your feelings ruin your life. Take that control of your actions and make it right. I have had a busy week so I really must go but I hope you are all well.


Much love always! Veronique

Friday, June 21, 2013

We Have a Forum!!

I am so excited to say that we officially have a new forum. Use it! Post pictures of goals you've achieved and results from my teaching. Now is the time to connect with other girls and be inspired by them. The more that you are around other women with the same goals, the more you will be inspired and motivated. Share recipes Show design ideas Share makeup tips Show the transformation in your image once you adjust your makeup and wardrobe to reflect our training. Show your cake designs. Show your parties. Encourage and Inspire. I hope it truly takes off and am thrilled about it. Also, We have a new course The Ultimate 1950s Housewife Training Course!! It's also got a link on the sidebar. I will work with you to reach your goals one on one. There is guaranteed to be a difference and a change in your life for the better! Each day Mon - Fri, I will be here to send you assignments as you complete them. The course is 2 years long if you complete your assignments daily. If you can only finish one a week, that's fine too. Take your time if need be, it will just take a little longer. The importance isn't in how quickly you do it but how much effort and true change you work to achieve. I will have you send me assignments and coach you individually as you complete the work each day. It will be fun and you will LOVE the results, I guarantee! Click on either link, if interested, and much love always! Veronique

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Importance of Goal Setting and Planning

When you have a job to go to, preparing for the day is natural. You lay out your clothes, prepare a lunch, finish any extra housekeeping etc. The following morning, without fail, you get up, get dressed and get out. There seems to be something about doing work for others that is easier than doing it for ourselves. The successful are simply those who work well for and respect themselves. Do you work as well for yourself as you would for a company? Do you manage yourself as well as you would if you managed a company? Do you serve meals and keep house as well as you would if you had a Bed and Breakfast? See what I mean? Too many women don't even plan their day at all. I don't believe it is laziness. These same women would thrive in a job where they were given a list of things to do for the day. There is something lacking in the confidence of these women. It's not a lack of desire to do well. It's more of a lack of direction. Uncertainty of what to do. They may have a to do list but don't know where to start. The house may seem so messy that you feel unable to do it - afraid you can't. I want you to do the following: Each night, plan out a handful of things that you'd like to do the next day. My preference would be the things you are most self conscious of or most afraid to do. If they were your tasks in a job, you'd do them. I see people mop floors, stock shelves etc every day when I leave the house. If you can work well for another, you can work well for yourself. It's just a matter of knowing that YOU CAN! Write the 6 things you'd like done the next day down. I want you to think about where you'd like to be in a year. What is your ideal living environment? What is your ideal image? What kind of meals would you idealy like to make? I want you to think about all of this and plan it. The only thing standing between you and your future is a lack of planning. It has been proven that planning SAVES time so don't feel guilty for taking time to plan. You would otherwise sit doing nothing in your confusion and frustration. Having a plan should give you a purpose. It will give you goals. Once you've made your master plan, choosing your 6 things to do the next day will be simple. Do it. Prepare for the next day. Perhaps lay out clothes, take a bubble bath. Prepare as if you were going to a job. In the morning, get up, make that bed and start devoting 10 min at a time to each thing. When you feel compelled to sit and veg, spend ten minutes on one of your tasks instead. Everytime you find yourself with extra time, devote it to those things. Do this each day. Things will come up. Money will run out. Emergencies happen. By doing this each day, you can make those emergencies one of your 6 things. Have your end goal written down where you see it each time you plan your day. Make it your goal to never veg around as if you don't have a job again. Get up, get glamorous and get to work. For those of you needing more direction, sign up for my ecourse. We will get you and your situation on track and running in a way that will work for you! Until Tomorrow Much Love, Veronique

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Secret of the Neat and Tidy

I was lingering today at my usual morning stop for blogging and noticing the employees of the company where I was dining. It was quite clear which were management. They had special "attire"
That attire caused them to walk differently, talk differently, puff their heads up, look down at those around them etc. Those in the lesser attire were meak, timid, working much harder, less confident etc.

Underneath the "attire" we are all the same. I have had the priveledge in my life of being one who was 'followed and admired' as well as shy and insecure.
I have a friend who was once struggling to make it on crackers and cheese and now, dressed in his pretty clothes and singing somewhere in CA, he is being adored and admired.

I see too many women give up on having a better life. For some reason or another, they decide that they would love to have a lovely home or an amazing wardrobe. They wish they were elegant etc but that just isn't how the cards were dealt. They accept their lot... some begrudgingly and give up while living the life they dreamed in their fantasy life or on facebook. You have the ability to "choose" your attire in life. How you present yourself to the world is entirely up to you. You can be neat and meticulous about it. Or you can be lazy and unconcerned. Whatever YOU choose to wear, is how you will be seen.

Did you know that you have just as much ability as anyone?
If I were to decide to make you famous tomorrow, that I could?
I could just as easily take you and set you up with a personal trainer, fashion consultant, interior designer, photographer for promo shots, agent to manage press etc and voila... make you amazing in a minute.
Did you know you can take those same steps yourself?

You CAN lose the weight and have an amazing figure. That's the funny thing about weight and image. EVERYONE has equal ability to be:
  • fit and in shape
  • tanned
  • styled becomingly
  • graceful elegant and refined
  • made up with a flair
  • lovely
  • kind
  • gentle
  • immaculate in housekeeping
  • an amazing cook
  • an amazing wife
  • an amazing mother
  • a superb decorator
  • a divine hostess
I could go on.

There is one common feature in each of these. They are "learned" behaviors. They have absolutely nothing to do with genetics. This is why anyone and everyone 'could' be made into a celebrity.
and everyone 'can' be amazing.

There is no reason to feel insecure of those who have accomplished more. You have every bit as much ability as the next person.

There is no reason to be envious of your neighbors perfectly clean home. With a mop and a bucket, yours could be as well.

There is no reason to be jealous of the woman with the perfectly put together outfits. You have just as much ability to pull out your wardrobe, begin mending/adjusting/decorating etc to make the outfit you desire.

The things that make you stand out in life are not your natural features. At a very young age, life wears on all of us. We all must pluck, groom, bath, iron, bleach, exercise, dye, practice grace etc, wash, mend, clean, decorate etc.

And the older we get, the MORE we have to do to stay lovely.
It gets a bit more difficult with age. The benefits also decline. The older you get in life, the less you can expect recognition and the more you must come to realize what is important to YOU.
The usual wear of life will hit. Messes will pile around you and at some point, you will have to decide that it's important to you. If you don't, life will continue to fall apart around you.

Some put all of their focus on image. They leave out the social aspects and charitable aspects of life. They forget everyone around them and end up alone in their death.
They achieve fame/perhaps success and it doesn't satisfy.
Others neglect grooming and homemaking - have lovely friends but always feel undone and a mess.

You must achieve that balance that makes you happy.

Everything you neglect in life will come back to punish you more than any other.
  • If you neglect your weight, YOU will end up carrying the extra and taking the hurtful comments and bad health that come with it.
  • If you neglect your home, YOU will suffer in the dirty environment that taxes on your emotions and makes you ashamed
  • If you neglect your appearance, YOU will have to deal with the sloppy feeling and the effects it has on your self esteem. You won't enjoy going out, you will be jealous of others, you will be miserable. Some may even reject you. You will likely have no love life to speak of.
  • If you neglect your friends, YOU will be the lonely one suffering and sad. You will have turned everyone but yourself away and found that your company isn't so satisfying.
  • IF you neglect your finances, YOU will be the one that doesn't have money for healthcare or food. YOU will have to face those around you that you are neglected due to poor management. YOU will have to go without the luxuries of life because you were foolish with what you had.
"What a man does with little is what he will do with much"

If you don't manage your home in the small neighborhood, you would make a mess of one bigger.
Many people live thinking IF. If only I had this or that, my life would be better. It's the outfit right? or the trainer? or the home? or the boat? or the job?

Do you want the truth?

It's YOU.

Those people would have just as neat and tidy a home, just as nice a figure, just as well managed funds with little as they do much. Their success isn't what they have, it's them and their personal discipline and management of what they are given.

"those who do well with little will be given much"
"those who mismanage what they have will end up with even less"

Make the most of what you have today.
If you aren't caring well for your body, your home, your loved ones etc.
Then honestly you aren't ready for more.
Start to care for such things and something amazing will happen. As you clean up the life you have, you will no longer desire another but it will naturally begin to fall into place.

The secret to life is discipline my loves. That and learning to love every person around you.

Never lift your head in superiority. Just as you are capable of being anything... so are they.
Be careful who you look down on now, they may be ahead of you in the future.
Be kind to all. Love all. Realize life is ever changing. Make the most of where you are now.

Refuse to be 'sloppy' with your grooming, your time, your loved ones, your attire, your home, your cooking etc.

Make it a goal to live a life that will bring rewards to those around you as well as yourself. Don't let the bug of neglect destroy you or those you love.

Much love,

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