Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eliminating Distractions

If you are struggling with getting things done, I want you to come back to this post each time.
Starting right now, I want you to write down each hour of the day from am to pm that you are awake.

Now, being honest, fill in the absolutely for sure appointments on the hours scheduled- not what you'd like to do. ONLY the things you have to do at set times.

This is a realistic view of how much time you have. You will be shocked when you find out how many hours there actually are in a day. Even scarier... when you do a job completely focused as fast as you can at how quickly you can do each job.

Now, make a to do list of all of the things you need to get done.

Using your daily hour list, you should see many places to put such tasks. IF you focus on them, they will get completed.

You will find that most of your day is spent doing nothing, checking emails, or wondering what you're going to do. If you set a time for menu planning, you won't spend so long wondering what you'll eat. If you plan your hours, and stick to your plan turning all distractions off,  you will have MUCH more free time.

Now, make a list of distractions.
How are you going to eliminate these distractions.
If these distractions are people, find a response to them that will keep them from stealing your time. IE "I'm so sorry, I'm busy until 3pm today will that work for you"
or "I'd love to wait honey but I really need to get to this appt... I better go"

If your distraction is the computer or TV, turn it off and set a time when you finish your tasks to get back to it.

Get in the habbit of doing this as often as you get behind on chores. Take control of your time or it will control you.

Much love,

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