Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Secret to Femininity

I am going to tell you ladies a secret to looking ultra feminine that you will likely not believe. Like you, I wooed my man dressing in a specific style... a popular way to dress for late teen, young 20s I suppose. I was on the danceteam, quite proud of my appearance and he was very interested as well. As I am aging a bit.. this look isn't quite so glamorous. While a teen in tube tops can look fresh and young. An older woman - even late 20s and early 30s can look quite untasteful if not done properly. Wear the tube top perhaps... but add accessories, an immaculate appearance. Class it up a bit etc.

As you begin to age... in your early 20s even... there are subtle feminine changes that will do much to improve your appearance and confidence. You will absolutely love making them as well. There is nothing I love more than feeling ultra feminine and glamorous. It is the highlight of the feminine life to reach the age where you are the image of sophistication.

There is one huge secret to pulling this off.

You MUST raise your price tag. But believe it or not, you will feel more glamorous as you do. Women have this false idea now that if they show more skin, they look better. This is the surest way to look like garbage to a man that there is. Trust me. You will only attract disrespect, ill intentions and danger dressing this way. Men won't treat you like a lady, they will treat you like a number and your husband will disdain you for it.
 Enjoy being of value. Enjoy wearing a posture that says you are of value and not cheap or easy. Instead of outfits that show a lot of skin and make you look loose, wear high class dresses that cover but look ULTRA elegant.

It will require more in the way of clothing... but the effect is amazing and you will feel truly classy.
Think nylons, stylish heals that are perhaps lower than the gaudy ones out now a days, a stylish well selected hairdo, matching belt and handbag, well coordinated outfit with everything matching, no wrinkles, tears, spots or untucked items. The more sophisticated you want to be, the more you can accessorize.
IF you are fully covered, accessories look quite elegant... uncovered, you look cheap.

Have your nails immaculate and your skin spotless. Take time in your makeup. Pluck any unsightly hairs and cover your skin. Make sure you smell fresh and lovely. Stand up straight. Walk with composure. Wear the right underwear. Get rid of underwear that makes you look pudgy or causes unsightly bulges. My preference remains the corset. You will always look lovely and tucked in and will feel better as well. Wear panty hose. Men actually love them especially with seams in the back- pure class.

Have a neat tidy handbag,  neat tidy nails, neat tidy makeup. Watch your language. A lady never talks coursely. Watch your voice tone as well. You will show more class, win every argument and save your reputation if you learn to always answer with a lovely calm voice no matter the insult. Enjoy vocabulary. Enjoy being classy. Never be seen ill composed.

Quit flaunting your skin under your clothes and enjoy flaunting your posture, your value, your clothes and your class.

You will raise your price tag tremendously. Men will respect you far more. You won't look easy. You will look hard to get which is ideal.

I will never forget the day I came out to my love after first indulging into the housewife lifestyle. I'm sure it was a bit of a shock for him altogether. I was a danceteam girl who went out to sushi and never cooked. I secretly had always longed to be classy and elegant but I always looked young. My only fear was turning into an ugly woman who let herself go. People thought I was in my 20s often but I wasn't sure I looked like a lady which was my desire. I finally realized that if I didn't jump in to be the Sophia Loren I'd desired to be, it would never happen.

I bought THE dress. It was the epitome of a 50s housewife. Ruffles, satin, stylish sleek nylons, shinny heels and I put my hair up meticulously. Everything was in place. My makeup wasn't trashy it was tasteful. Red lips neutral eyes, long lashes. I was put together perfectly. Neat, tidy and classy. I was, however MUCH more covered than usual which was odd. I was used to dressing for comfort honestly, a tube top with no bra, no nylons a skirt and slip on sandles. My hair brushed through and tossled and dramatic makeup was my usual look.
Even I had to admit, This new look was SO CLASSY. It felt amazing. I had always thought covering woudl feel boring. I just didn't know HOW to cover right. It felt amazing. I felt classy. Instead of looks up and down, I had men tipping their hats and holding doors for me. Instead of hoot calls I was getting "mam" on occasion. Men started to RESPECT ME. I wasn't, as I feared at one time, less attractive. I was FAR more attractive. I looked sophisticated.

I came out to my love asked what he thought and he cried. I had no idea how much it meant to him. It meant everything. Men crave it ladies. They don't want what looks easy. They want that classy lady they grew up dreaming about.
Start now to adjust your wardrove. Think classy. Think lady like. Lose anything cheap or sloppy. Be the lady you have always longed to be. It feels ultra feminine and will add a swing to your hips guaranteed.

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