Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Fashion Tips 1950's Style

It wasn't too long ago that I was in a situation where heat was absolutely NOT good for my hair. I went months without using a single electrical appliance and my hair grew to lengths I never dreamed it would grow to. I had always wanted long hair. I'd just never been able to get it to grow. Even worse, it looked like dry straw. It was absolutely horrible. I was embarassed and no matter how many $30 shampoos I used, it never improved. Until... I stopped all of that. I stopped washing my hair daily and started washing it weekly. Instead of blowdrying it, I washed at night and used setting lotion to set it in curlers. My hair grew, got shiny and I would NEVER go back. Similar to my nail care which keeps my nails much healthier than they ever were in a salon, I now set my hair in curlers. I use gentle natural shampoos and I wash less frequently. You won't find a curling iron or a blowdryer in my house. I don't use one and don't intend to.

It's really quite simple. Simply go to walmart.... to the section for african american hair in hair care products (they aren't only for african americans.. I use them all lavishly) Buy the $2 bottle of setting lotion. It will say something about holding curls that you set on the bottle.

Strand by strand apply lotion, brush through so it's evenly coated, curl and let sit for a few hours until dry,

let the curls out and voila. You can get some very glamorous looks when you brush out the curls but I have been loving mine in their curl form as of late.

This is how the hollywood girls of old did their hair. There's a reason it was so shiny... they didn't damage their hair with heat like we do and they washed with natural products. You won't need extensions or frequent hair appointments... secret.... I even lighten my own hair with a hydrogen peroxide combination. It's so much less damaging... I'm also a queen with store bought lighteners but I am loving my length and don't want to even risk losing it at present.

Grooming at home is so much more fun than going out and it saves so much in spending. I don't go get a spray tan, I've mastered doing it at home with tanning lotions... just thoroughly wash your hands scrubbing in between fingers after it looks lovely.

I don't get my nails done, I do them myself... glue on nails work wonderfully and don't tear your nails apart like the ones in the salon. They pop off easily in a week and you can get really artistic if you pain them on masking tape before applying.

I don't spend hundreds at the salon. I lighten and color my own hair.

I don't spend hundreds at the store on clothes, I know how to sew and love altering and sewing clothes using old sheets, old dresses you name it. I can glam up any outfit and do!

Have fun with grooming. Enjoy making it you. LOVE it again.

A word on figure watching... I don't go to the gym but I do work out. Watching your figure through diet and exercise are SO important. For your health and your appearance as you age. If you start up a program you love, keep with it and don't stop, it will always be easy and you will stay your best. If you stop, it's almost impossible to start up again. I don't work out hard at the gym. I do activities I love. I am absolutely crazy about ballroom dancing and love to go to get togethers and free group lessons etc. I also love riding my bike as of late, walking to pick flowers etc.
I get my toning in too but I do it at home. I do situps, leg lifts, squats and arms with cans of food often. I move and I strengthen and I do my daily chores. I make sure to eat a balanced diet and I watch portions. Enjoy keeping yourself up. Make that your goal. Wear undergarments that flatter. Work on your posture. Be the loveliest you can be.

 Much love always

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