Monday, May 13, 2013

So Let's Get Social

I am going to talk once again about social activities. If you are a housewife that is staying home most days, not grooming, watching oprah and letting your figures go..... stop! I have a cousin that is so guilty of this and it absolutely breaks my heart.

When we were younger, she was incredibly trim, active, social and as a result found a very dear husband who was enamored with her.

I don't know how to explain the change other than, she has decided that she has three friends now....Oprah, farmville and cookies. Since she never has anyone over, her house usually has large laundry basket on the couch, kids running every which way... toys strewn everywhere, cookies in the oven and if you're looking for her... she sitting at her computer still in pajamas. Or my sister. She took up a real estate career. Paid lots of money, learned everything she needed to do and sat in front of the tv.. once again... Oprah.
I'm not out to condemn Oprah... but like I said yesterday, if the TV is affecting your social life and you housekeeping... learn to turn it off!

Don't create a perfect imaginary life on Facebook, create a life for real. Don't create the perfect wardrobe and watch your character create a lovely garden on facebook. Create one in real life.

Rediscover the active you you once were. Enjoy grooming again. Pick up a workout video similar to one you may have done in your youth. Call up your girlfriends and go shopping and to movies. Hit the spots you loved when you were younger. Get your house make up lovely and have people over OFTEN. There is no greater motivation to have a lovely home than COMPANY.

Same with grooming. If you're struggling to find the desire to groom or keep your figure up, you need to get out and have a social life.

Some ideas:
1. Start a ladies group. Share recipes. Have socials, talk about gardening tips. Just get together and enjoy snacks and time.


2. Book clubs
3. Cooking demos. I'm not sure what is in your area but one of my FAVORITE things to do is go to Williams Sonoma for their cooking demos each Sunday night. Contact local cooking stores. Find out when their demos are. Go!
4. Church. Find an active ladies group get active in it.
5. Sewing classes.... I really encourage you to learn to sew. It will do wonders for your wardrobe. Get out get active. Have fun

6. Workout classes. I used to love jazzersize... may have groups that walk, bike, swim, ballroom dance etc.Find what you love to do and go.

7. Parade commities, PTA, political groups, volunteer, causes, local theater

You will feel so much better about yourself if you feel you have a purpose. While I believe being a housewife and a mother is the greatest calling on earth.... you also need spiritual nourishment. Keep giving to your family but make sure that you are getting "fed" somewhere socially too. Just being around other ladies will make you LOVE grooming and gardening again. Being around others gets you excited to try new recipes, new tips etc.

8. Mary Kay is my current venture. IF you'd like to join my team, I'm happy to have you. My current cause is Let No Man Walk Alone where I'm personally giving personal profits and gathering volunteers to donate a certain amount to go to women in shelters etc. It is so rewarding to see the joy it brings the person in the shelter as well as the person who donates. There are others, pampered chef, tupperware... if something appeals to you go for it!


In order for you to be an interesting FUN wife and mom, you have to HAVE fun too. Get social. Go to plays. Take your family to the zoo or paddleboating. Go with your hubby to a romantic date or walk along the beach... whatever you loved in the past, rediscover it. It is what makes your character and your nature unique. If you love to read, make time for it. If you love to paint, create. If you love to help older women, go visit a nursing home and get active.

Be you and have no regrets.

Much love always


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