Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Cooking and the Home

On days like today, I am so glad I have a calendar. Things happen. People say things that can emotionally hurt. I have a delivery to make and after an emotional incident this morning, I would have forgotten IF I hadn't pulled out my calender on schedule this am. If things are hard, make sure to pull out your calendar.
1) you don't need the added stress of a forgotten deadline or a messy home
2) the things on your to do list will make you feel better. Getting groomed, taking care of your home and figure, keeping up with relatives etc...will all make you feel better.

 Your mood may seem too down to do anything. Take 15, walk, pray, take a bath your dreams. Review the lovely things you've planned for yourself. Review your accomplishments and the things your most proud of thus far. Perhaps do your workout. Then jump back in.
Don't let your mood destroy you or your surroundings. Especially if that mood was created by another. People can be frustrating. They can do things you don't expect, hurt you etc...that is when you need to step in and take care of you. Make your home lovely. Get pretty. Do something soothing. Dream. Pray. Give yourself the nicest of homes and meals.

 Don't allow another to destroy what you have. I wonder sometimes why I stick in relationships that cause so much pain. If it is a relationship that is causing too much havoc in your life, you may need to lovingly mention so and step back until things improve. Don't let another destroy you or many will. Love then but keep loving and being you. Do things to nurture your soul. Think in the things that bring you joy. What you think about, you bring about so think on lovely things...your home, garden, love, things that bring you joy and peace. You are lovely. Don't waste your time on things or feelings that hurt you. I am going to be posting a menu planning worksheet and daily checklist soon! :) Also, here is a really inexpensive delicious meal...
Plan your menus. Keep your kitchen and yourself looking nice always.

 Those few things affect your mood more than anything. Keep on top of them. Give yourself that peace.
recipe below. I am making homemade peanut butter cups today as well. ;)
Much love,

Easy enchiladas :)

Tortillas- flour
Canned chicken
Cream cheese
Pinnaple or mango salsa
Enchilada sauce

Drain chicken. Mix with softened cream cheese. Stir in fruit salsa and sugar to taste. If flavorless add more fruit salsa and sugar. Spoon into tortillas, roll placing seam side down in greased baking dish...pour enchilada sauce over top moistening tortillas. Sprinkle grated cheddar over. Bake 350 degrees 30 min

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