Friday, May 17, 2013

Making Your Home "You"

One of the things that truly unleashed my excitement with being in my home was when I took the time to make it something visually that I loved. I had been cleaning for quite a while but I didn't love it. The paint colors were gloomy. It was unorganized and plain. I would literally escape to other environments for their peace and serenity.
Then, in the middle of the cleaning project, I started to paint walls.  This may seem absurd but I enjoyed cleaning my house more that day than I ever have. As the designs began to come into place, I loved it more and more. It was so fun to clean what seemed like a new home and it was becoming something so beautiful I loved to be in it.

I might suggest that you do the same in your home. If you've been putting it off, don't. A can of paint costs less than a meal out. Grab a can. Perhaps that pink that you love in other homes or the yellow that can create soothing kitchens, lavendar.... Walk through some room plans in your favorite stores, flip through catalogues or look online at interior design photos. Select your colors. Pick your statements "artistic furniture, projects that you can do with existing furniture etc."  Find the look or colors that you love, plan your color scheme if you haven't already looking at my previous design posts and dive in.

 One of my favorite things to do now when I have a dreary load of things to do that day is throw in design as one of my to dos. I will set my timer for half hour increments and go randomly through each item on my checklist, one at a time.

An examply list may look like this for example:

Basic run through house, tidy up everything for the weekend 30 min
Bedroom decorate - something new that makes it romantic.... roses/pearls/some fabrics etc
clean windows, dust
bake a cake
pick some fresh flowers and make lovely arrangements
deep clean stove
Closet Inspiration

etc.... if you throw in fun tasks mixed in with necessary unpleasant tasks, 1) you are much more likely to get through your list 2) you will have fun and be excited at the end of the day at what you've done

ALWAYS do something in each day that makes you proud. Something that feels like an accomplishment. Something visible. Perhaps add in something sentimental. You will always have the jobs that are a lot of work and don't show much but if you add in those that are fun and not much work, at the end of the day, you will be so much happier.

Each day plan your list. Make sure to follow your weekly plan. I believe even meal planning is more fun if you make it lovely and beautiful. Plan your table setting, make your plates artistic, have flowers at the table etc.

 Make the first hour of the day a time to organize and plan. Plan your day. Make sure you are doing what you must but throwing in fun things and happy things too.

I recommend a little decorating every day. Don't quit designing your home. That is one of the greatest joys of owning a home. Making it your masterpiece.

Much love and happy weekend to everyone

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