Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Keeping Romance Alive and Avoiding Struggles in Attraction

I feel compelled to write on this today after reading about the breakup of a celebrity couple. I don't know why but it made me so sad. They looked like they had such a dear love. One far to dear to let go.
 There is such a breakdown in our culture that this is sadly a key struggle in many homes. It may be with you. It may be with your husband...but somewhere in the relationship, that spark that you once felt may have all but dissapeared.

I believe that if you find love, it is a gift to be treasured and protected. It is a fragile gift that is easily broken. However, if cared for, it grows into a strong amazing strength in your life...one that the initial attraction could never hope to compare with.
So let's face reality. Society is going to do everything possible to destroy your marriage. If you have a great love, expect great challenge. Don't expect it to be easy. Don't ever become sure of your love. Always tend it and care for it. Always be aware of the obstacles that could drain it of it's amazing power.

If you are the one struggling with attraction, I am going to be possibly harsh but honest. It means you are considering other options. There is only one thing that kills the spark of love and it is when one or the other party begins to look at the admirable traits of those other than their spouse. I thought I had the strongest of loves and I do! However, I went through a time where I was working around constant admiration from men. When I only stayed home, it was easy to love my spouse and keep my romance alive. It was natural. All day I'd eagerly await his return. I'd make him lovely treats, I'd groom our home. I'd smile at how much I loved him as I folded his shirts. When a fight did arise, it broke my soul, it mattered. ***because I was only thinking of him as an option*** it worked. I do believe love is from God. I also believe that 'sin' will destroy it. If you love that amazing feeling of being in love, keep your heart pure. Remain true to your man. Be honest and don't think of others.

When I was in this working position with constant flattery and constant attention that I was proud of my efforts to resist, it STILL had an affect on my love. I didn't even like any of these men. However, something about their constant attentions invaded on my ability to focus on my man only. I am so much more comfortable being at home during the days. I am blessed to have a job that allows me to do so but then and there, I pulled away from that job. Completely. I made  a point of spending time with my man, I made a point of kissing him, holding him and loving him until the sparks came back with full ferver. I made sure that NEVER would I allow anything to interfere with our love. I stand by that.

Treasure your love. It is the greatest gift you have. Don't allow yourself to even consider or listen to much to the attentions of other men. Don't neglect hugging or loving him each morning no matter how bad the fight the night before. Touch his hand and linger. Give him a kiss and hold it a moment. Squeese his hand extra tight as you walk. Keep that love alive. Don't let anything destroy it.
It was that one night I laid in bed crying. I felt like a stranger to my man simply because I spent the entire day around other men who I didn't even like. Make time for your man. Make God first, your man second and family third THEN put energy into work or others. Do not neglect your home. Do not neglect your love. Those are the most important things in every woman's life. Without a strong love an home in order, no matter what you do, you will be miserable. Tend to what you have. Don't chase what you don't. I promise you will be blessed for it. I want you to have romance and deep love and if you take this blog to heart, I promise you will. You must treat love as something so much deeper than people want to now. You must see love as deep and lasting between two people. Flirtations and seeing love as fleeting needs to vanish from your mind. It's not meant to be a cheap sexual fling. It's meant to be dear. It's meant to be sacred. Cherish it. Protect it. Save your sexuality for it. You will never regret.


My love is stronger than ever. I will never forget that even if I don't sin, I have to guard my love. I have to resist advances and if need be, I need to separate myself from everything BUT my man and my home for a time to restore it. I will not let my love die. Especially not to foolish sins. My love and I have shared too many dear moments. Moments that were everything to me. I'm not about to let that relationship go or let anything interfere. True love is a fight. It's not hard to keep the romance. It's only hard to fight off everything out to destroy the love you will naturally feel. Protect your love and it will always be. Make sure that nothing else can break the bond that you two share. Do not allow other men or women even to approach it. Your love has too many memories in the past and yet to come to let it go. Fight for your love and it will always be.

I wish you love. I wish you peace. I wish you a home of tenderness and warmth. I wish you wisdom. Love isn't meant to be fleeting or casual. It's meant to be deep and powerful and last a lifetime. It should and can be the greatest experience of your life, if you make it your goal to fall deeply in love with one man instead of attracting many.

Much love,

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