Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Out of your Huge Impossible Rut

I have been going through the test of faith and perserverance this month. Where everything that could go wrong does. Where every thing I've been teaching all of you has been tested in my own life. I have literally been thrown into a pit and tried numerous ways to get out and constantly fallen back in. Internet connections, bank accounts, roof leaks, deaths, my lover and I going through struggles, him having a day of work backfire on him. Everything you can think of that could go wrong has.
I want you to know that being a perfect 1950's housewife doesn't come with the life without challenges. In fact, I am almost certain that as you begin to make things come together in your life, the challenges increase.
 When you get on top of everything and have it down, a challenge will come to make it difficult again. When life is going well something will happen... a flood, a divorce, a financial struggle, an illness, a rejection, a betrayal. Be ready for it. The only difference beween a perfect housewife and one who isn't is preparation and perserverance. When things get tough, she doesn't let them shake her off her path. When trials come, she keeps going. She doesn't forget her goals. She doesn't let her to do list fall apart. She doesn't give up and return to old ways. She keeps going. Even when she wakes up and doesn't feel like it, she does her to do list. She keeps her goals in mind. She keeps her path clear. She takes each challenge and faces it and eliminates it. She then moves on with her goal.

Your path to the dreams you desire is like a roadtrip with failing engines, thunderstorms, health issues, bank account issues you name it... trying to keep you from your destination. Your job is to keep going, to deal with each crisis as it comes an keep moving towards your destination. Stay connected to God. Make sure that your path is His will for you and then when you are sure that it is, keep moving. When you doubt that it is, stop and talk with Him. Review your plans. Make sure they are just and approved and continue.

There was a time in my life when we were locked out of my vehicle. The keys were inside and I can't remember the exact circumstances. I do remember that we needed to get inside and couldn't and had absolutely no means. We didn't give up. We kept trying and trying and trying. Every attempt failed. Nothing worked. We could have surrendered but I didn't. I kept going.

Are there things in your life that you have left undone? Are there things you are afraid to face or feel unqualified to face? FACE them. If you do nothing else this week, go trough the pain and effort of facing them. If everything you try fails try again. Try something else . Brainstorm. But don't give up. God will give you strength and when you overcome this trial, you will feel more confident to move on to the next. I have found that the more I turn to God and leave things in His hands, the more things will come together as they should. I trust Him. Completely. I know that nothing is impossible if He is in the drivers seat and this week, I have seen that come to pass. I don't fear any choice. I don't fear making decisions that scare me. I trust Him to guide me through them. I know He will provide a way where none seem possible. I can face those challenges and so can you. If you have failed a thousand times, dust yourself off, stand up and try again. You can do it. I believe in you.


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