Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Absolute Must for Any Glamorous Housewife

I am going to approach the subject of beauty and fashion once again. I believe that the number one difference in housewives of the 50's and now is the contrast in how they view the importance of glamour. As a wife, your number ONE priority is romance with your husband. If you've been letting this go, I'm sure... in fact, I'm positive that your life is miserable. Unfortunately, husbands and even others aren't kind to those that don't keep themselves up and while the tendancy as we age is to spend less time on our appearance, sadly this is when we need to spend MORE time on it.

Catching your husband was easy... largely because you DID groom so much. As you dated him and he accepted you... perhaps even mentioned liking you without makeup... became needy of your time and discouraged you from long grooming hours... became picky about food and discouraged you from healthy food... well, you may not have noticed -   that is UNTIL, you saw a recent photo... that you really have let yourself go.

Sadly, if you don't groom, you may find yourself on the market again and this time completely unprepared. It's not just about catching the man.. keep him happy and this isn't my being sexist. It is affecting you in so many ways. It truly is. When you let your appearance go, EVERYONE will treat you differently, you will not feel very feminine and this lack of confidence will make you age and become even more unattractive. And... in spite of the medical field's statements. I'm not seeing beauty to be quite as lovely when it's done via surgery... sometimes they tug the skin this way or that a little too much and you look like a poorly stitched quilt.

The way to have lovely appearance consists of these few things. NO matter who you you look at that is likely these features that catch your eye.

1. Fashion - learning what colors look good on you and knowing how to match colors is essential. That sloppy pair of jeans and sweatshirt isn't going to do much for your glamour appeal. Think ancient egyptian goddesses. Think of Indian jewelry and eye makeup.

 The secret is to tap into your feminine nature and make it look amazing. Learn makeup.
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 Learn fashion. Learn what looks good on you and take more than a few minutes each day to make your outfit and accessories and makeup eye catching, feminine and dazzling. Keep your nails groomed Stay styled groomed and lovely.

2. Weight - No matter how pretty you are, you will always be less pretty than one who keeps her weight in line.

And if you think you look pretty good, how do you feel naked or in a swimsuit? ALWAYS judge your figure based on how comfortable you are in public in a swimsuit. If it's not all lovely and you are hiding something, it will affect everything about you romantically. There was a show I watched recently that talked about our denial when when we gain weight. That denial... is destroying us. Get lovey again. It will change your health and your life. Watch the show 'chopped' on the food network. The components of each meal (veggies/fruits/etc are right on) The proteins are usually prepared in a healthy way. The portions are PERFECT. Learn to prepare this way. Focus more on making your dish lovely and your food tasty than portions. Don't make seconds easily accessible. Stick to the first helping if you are overweight and do not pile on loads to your plate no matter how much you like the dish. Allow yourself to be "slightly"  hungry but never stuffed. If you don't control nibbles well, don't nibble at all! Get control of your weight before you lose your elegance forever. If you are overweight. Tackle it now. There is no reason you should have to live a day of your life unlovely in outfits you don't like hiding any figure flaws. Tackle your weight. It will be the best thing you ever did for your quality of life.

3. Skin - Skin is incredibly important. Most of the ads where I find a woman breathtaking.. while often airbrushed, it is also something noticed at the swim pools. Skin.

 You want your skin to be shiny, moist, with a beautiful tan. Aside from looks, it is the most important part of your appearance. It is MUCH more important for you to have a lovely moisturized complexion with fake tanner or bronzer than it is to get your eyebrows shaped. Get your skin so it looks AMAZING head to TOE. Always be ready to wear a swimsuit... wear lovely garments under clothing. Use your face creams, scour your skin with sugar, moisten it with oils. Keep it constantly moist whatever it takes. Do not let it dry out. Eat your natural oils, drink your water. Watch your diet and eat fruits and veggies. This is the true fountain of youth. Cherish it.

All of this means something you may not want to hear. You are not putting enough time into your groom. Begin to do so today. Be the lovely woman your husband desires. Be the lovely woman you desire to be. Take control of your appearance and your complexion.

Much love always


  1. Hi I've just come across your blog and I'm hooked! Everything you write makes perfect sense to me!


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