Monday, May 20, 2013

All Right Girls... It's Time For Some Figure Enhancing Cardio Circuit Training Housewife Style ;)

You may find this crazy. In fact, I am amazed myself at how well this works. Not only does it give your body a workout. My figure has never looked better.... but it also gives your mind a huge stress relief because you are getting things done and creating harmony in the home.

Too many of us make our housekeeping list last all day. We figure that if we do fun things in the middle of it, working in small segments, stopping for snacks, stopping for a check on email, stopping for an errand etc... it will make it less stressful on us.... at the end of the day we stare at the mess that still exists and go to sleep feeling terrible about ourselves, our homes and often our figures.

I have a sure cure for that.
Do this first thing in the morning if you can... it is a great way to boost your moral and you will feel great.
Also, this is soooo much more enjoyable to me than going to a sweaty gym.... and my figure is far better than it ever was AT the gym.

Now when you wake up... give yourself some rousing time then visit your weekly schedule to see what your list is for that day in housekeeping.

make a checklist similar to the one below.

1. mop bathroom
2. sweep the front porch
3. fold some laundry

etc etc... listing each item you have to do for that day.

Now... this is the secret. It's called circuit training housewife style. Whatever the chores are, you are going to do them FASTER ... approximately 3 times faster than you normally would do them. Your going to stretch out first... perhaps jog in place for a few minutes to get your heart rate up. Then set your timer for 10 minutes and rush to the first task. Do it at super speed... literally get some fast music on if it gets you motivated. YOU are not allowed to STOP for the next 40 minutes.
In fact, try to keep your pace up the entire time. Do it as fast as you humanly can. ( use care if it's baking I once inhaled a lettuce leaf because I was breathing fast doing this while cooking dinner ;) ) Each time it's been ten minutes switch to the next task... run to it, do it as fast as you possibly humanly can... each time you do this you will even get faster. Do this for 40 minutes. It feels heavenly, makes you giggle a bit and you get done in 40 minutes what may have taken all day... literally.. in fact as you get better at it, you will be looking for more things to do... so then add gardening, decorating, baking, wrapping presents, you name it... just do it fast and keep your heart rate up the entire time. Don't stop. I find it so fun. I love doing my circuit training like this. When the 40 minutes is up... cool down. start doing things at a medium pace... then ten minutes later at a slow pace. Stretch a bit... do some situps and leg lifts and bicep curls/lunges etc. and you are done. You got in a killer workout AND you got some needed housework done... take a bath, doll up and celebrate.

 It's a blast I promise and you will start your day feeling like the ultimate housewife. Make sure you are groomed by the time you see people. I do believe looking your best in front of others is important. So do this when you won't see anyone but have fun.

Much love,
Veronique ;)

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