Saturday, May 18, 2013

Actions speak louder than words

I want to reach out to my dear female readers tonight. I believe women are created with beautiful precious trusting souls. We believe. We trust. We forgive and because those are beautiful qualities, continue. Those are your jewels. Wear them proudly. We do however live in times with ravenous wolves. There are men who will say all the right words to lure you into danger. There are women who will be kind and then turn around and betray you. It can be so hard at such times not to become bitter and cold. Bitterness always bites the holder. There is no advantage to any negative feeling. It will only rob you...of your joy, dreams, happiness etc. I read something today that said happiness results from honorable living. I believe this with everything in me. When we do something wrong or even feel a negative emotion, happiness starts to seap out. Soon we are miserable. However, when we live in love, live honorably and do the things we know are right, happiness returns. I had a lot of practice at this this week. Life was tough. I dealt with a death, I was betrayed by one dear, I dealt with struggles. There were a couple of days that I let in too many negative thoughts and my work suffered. Then on Friday, something hit me. I made a point of focusing on the positive. I dove into my to dos with ferver and shut out the feelings that had been hurting me. I experienced joy. I can't explain why...but those duties you put off only cause you misery when avoided. There is something about doing them that will not only bring you joy but heal hurts you may be feeling in other ways. A woman is not at peace if her home is in disarray. It is proven and something about stepping in to do what needs to be done will bring you the joy you are lacking. Women are happiest when they are on top of their home duties, and intimate with their children and husbands. So much of what is falling apart in our culture is the collapse of the family and the glue to the family is the love between husband and wife. I do believe you need to watch actions. No matter what a husband may say, his actions will reveal his heart. Pray about this and move on. Don't trust idle words and guard your heart. Keep doing what you know is right. Think on lovely things. speak with your actions and watch your words. We can't control others. We can only control ourselves but we have the power to make such a difference...with our actions. Make your surroundings lovely. Be honorable. Be the best you can be. Guard your heart around those with words that betray and actions that hurt. Don't allow another's actions to make you stumble. It will only hurt you. Watch actions be cautious but remain honorable. With your efforts and loyalty will come happiness. I promise. Much love, veronique

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