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A Closer look at Why Women in the 50's Stayed Thin

I was browsing more articles on the 50s housewife today and why they stayed thin. So much of the reason women today do not stay thin is because we literally no longer do "anything".

The things that kept them thin, were the things we have decided not to do anymore.

These women burned around 1,000 calories a day
Most women now burn hardly anything.  That hour at the gym walking on the treadmill simply won't replace a day on your feet doing housework. And honestly, I enjoy doing housework SO much more than spending an hour in a stinky gym.

Even worse, we eat more. A woman then planned her menu. Now women live on the go and pick up the most horrible unhealthy snacks and consume twice as many calories.

Most women didn't have cars. Some didn't have freezers. They would do their cleaning, make their meals, clean the dishes, walk to get groceries and tend to kids. There was no TV so they didn't sit for hours doing nothing. It is very easy to get a lot of work done with a radio on....unlike the tv which has the tendancy to make you sit for hours doing nothing.

and perhaps it had to do with their better figures and increased energy... or perhaps the fact that they had lovely homes and delicious food...or maybe because they believed looking lovely was important and watched their figures.. but...statistics say - Housewives in the 1950s enjoyed much more active sex lives than women of today.

Quite simply, you won't find a lot of diet plans from back them because they didn't "have" to diet.
They studied nutrition in home ec. They made sure to eat their fruits and veggies and get in a balanced diet. They didn't sit watching oprah all day or watching tv at all. Their entertainment was a walk to the beauty salon or market.
So take up the 1950s housewife role and reject the bulges that are a trend in today's economy.

1. Make your meals - from scratch... using whole ingredients -healthy milk, cheese, veggies (fresh), fruits nuts, natural oils like olive and coconut. Watch your portions which will come more naturally. Heathy food fills you up SO much faster.
2. Stop eating processed junkfood if at all possible. Whatever it is, learn to make it yourself. Not heat up dinners.. FROM SCRATCH. It really doesn't take much longer.
3. Make it your goal to keep the tv off during the day unless you are successful working with it on. No exceptions. Turn on the radio or music. Spend the first couple hours grooming and looking nice. Do your situps. Make your meals. Do your housework and yardwork. Wash your dishes. Mop your floor. Fire the maid.
4. Live like you don't have a car if able. Walk to the grocery for food or ride a bike.
5. Host more socials at your home. Be more active. Be more interesting. TV makes us boring zombies. You will become so much more attractive to your husband. Get involved. Date your husband. Have a social life.

Think of how much silly money you'll save as well.

1. processed food costs SO much more than making food from scratch
2. It's really silly to pay for a gym membership when you can easily burn more calories just doing a few chores around the home.... another thing I find so funny. Why ride a bike in a gym instead of hopping on a real bike and riding through flowers.... silly?
3. I'll get to it later but much grooming can be done at home as you're doing your chores. Learn to color your own hair and do it while you wash dishes. Paint your own fake nails that you press on with nail glue. I select my nails. Lay them out on masking tape. Paint them with designs I love, paint my toes the same. Let the fingernails dry and walk around barefoot for a bit and simply glue on the nails with nail glues once dry. Voila... MUCH cheaper and more fun than a nail salon. They easily pop off in a week. I can keep them up by keeping nail glue in my purse for any accidental pop offs. They usually stay approx a week with no nail damage. No nail fungus or sitting for hours. I am in my home or garden happy and enjoying myself completely.
4. Learn to sew. It saves fortune and gives you a slight workout as well. You can make those clothes fit that aren't quite the right size for the cost of thread. Literally.
5. You won't waste near as much gas in the family vehicle going to places you don't need to go to simply to fill time. And you'll do less impulse shopping as well simply staying home and having something to do in your home. :)

If you stop eating junkfood, do your housework, and get in your quality nutrition -fruits and veggies.... and stop allowing yourself to sit all day in front of a computer or TV... the modern belly rolls will dissapear. You will be eating delicious homemade food and even cakes, your house will be lovely, you will be happier and you will be thinner with a husband who pays attention to you! Start today! Reward yourself and your family.

Much love

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