Friday, May 31, 2013

Common Skin Care Mistakes and How to Have Amazing Skin

If you've been quickly washing your face off with soap and water in the mornings or even worse, not washing your face at all, STOP!
Skin is one outfit you carry for your entire life. There is no outfit that will cover it, and its damage will affect every area of your life. Look at the women in their 50's with good skin
vs the women in their 50s with sagging necks and dried up faces.
Failing to care for your skin will result in your skin aging prematurely. Don't let that happen to you and if it has, a lot can be done to correct. It's never too late to start now.
The secret to not becoming one of them is your skincare.
Learn to take good care of your skin and you will look radiant even without makeup on.
Take horrible care of your skin and even your makeup will look dry, flaky and gather into wrinkles making them look even worse than before.
There are amazing ingredients in skin care now. They are packed with ezymes and vitamins that will slow down wrinkles and keep our skin smooth and moist.
The following are musts in good skin care:
1) cleansing-  your skin daily along with frequent (weekly) exfoliation to remove dead skin cells that cause the flakes and rough dry looking skin. Not cleansing allows pores to get clogged and stretched, blackheads to form and a mess of buildup you just don't want on your skin. Your skin is an organ. You want it to breath for good health. A clogged up complexion will make you look dull, tired and sick.
2) Toning - helps your skin stay tight and elastic so that it doesn't sag and returns it's ph to a healthy level after stripping your face. Cleansing removes protective "acid mantle" and it takes approx 20 minutes to restore itelf. Many also soften skin making it more open to the moisturizers that follow. It also helps to keep pores less noticable.Avoid the eye area and use twice a day after cleansing.
3) replenishing the nutrients in your skin - this supplies the cells with everything they need while they are regenerating to be as full an lush as they can be - meaning ultra soft youthful skin. They are in anti aging lotions and usually require only a few drops. This is the most skipped element in skin care but the most essential. 3-5 drops brushed lightly onto your face allow your skin to combat the wrinkling process before it begins. Use starting in your 20s when cell growth begins to slow down. Allow to dry a few minutes before adding moisturizer.
4) Moisturizing skin - seals moisture into your skin, it will not erase wrinkles. I see far too many woman replace step 3 with moisturizer. You will pay for this decision if this is you. They do help your skin hold in moisture and prevent impurities fro entering pores. The extra moisture helps plump of the skin providing a youthful appearance. You will NEED this on the neck where there are no oil glands and thus, the neck is one of the first areas to show aging.
5) moistening and protecting your eye area- the eye area is also devoid of oil glands. You need an eye cream for the eye area and you want to **avoid moisturizer around the eyes** like mentioned above, moisturizer holds in moisture... around your eyes, this means puffiness and swelling which can stretch the skin and CAUSE wrinkles. This eye skin is delicate... has no oil glands and prone to wrinkles. Always use eye cream after removing any eye makeup.
Certain things will affect your skin - divorce, pregnancy, stress, medicine, aging. If your skin is changing, see me and I will help you to make sure you are still using the right skin care for your needs. It is vital that you watch your face.. make note of any changes and keep on top of it to take care of any problem areas while they are still new in their conception.
Once a week, plan to do a special scrub or mask. If you are of a dry skin complexion, never use harsh masks that dry on your skin - stick with moisturizing masks that never dry. If you have oily skin a mask once a week is a great idea. Scubs or masks help to remove dead cells, clean pores, prevent whiteheads, and generate faster growth resulting in smoother instant results of soft luscious skin. One of my favorite products is microdemabrasion. There is nothing that compares to it's effects in exfolation.
If your eyes tend to be puffy from too much sleep, crying, allergies etc.. I would add eye gel to remove the puffiness. They reduce the accumulation of water around the eyes cooling and refreshing them. This is definitely a good idea for preventing the stretching and wrinkling of skin

****Do not make the mistake of purchasing different products from different brands. Skin care sets are designed as a unit. You will risk getting too much of one ingredient and not enough of another... Stick to sets to get the best results****
I will post more tips on makeup colors... how to know what products are right for you etc.
in the meantime have a wonderful weekend and much love.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Colors Should You Wear? This is So Much Fun. Get Ready to Awaken Your Beauty ;)

One of the biggest struggles I see in women is the lack of certainty about which colors look best on them. They have no idea what makeup colors to wear, will go out and buy a lipstick that looks horrible and just give up. These women will wear the same colors every day because they are afraid to try anything new.

Would you love to have a color palette you could change? Have you wanted to learn to do your makeup in different colors but feared the result? Do you feel dull, drab, boring and wonder how celebrities always look so good with different looks? Then read on and I will give you a lesson in beauty :)
First, lets determine if you are warm or cool.
Look at the veins on your wrist or another area not affected by sun lightening.
What color are your veins?
Blue Veins = Cool Undertone
Green Veins = Warm Undertone
If you are still unsure. What colors look better on you?
Hold something orange brown/golden up to you
Or something silver, grey or blue up to you.
If you look better in the golden tones - you are warm
If you look better in the blue silver tints - you are cool
figure out whether you are a warm or a cool type
For those who are cool you have two choices
If your hair and eyes are dark with a cool skin tone, you are a winter
winter type characteristics
The colors best for you are as follows:

If your hair and eyes are light with a cool skin tone, you are a summer
summer type characteristics
the colors best for you are as follows:

If you are a warm skin tone
Same test
if your hair and eyes are dark with a warm skin tone, you are an autumn
autumn type characteristics
Here are the colors that would look best on you :)

If your hair and eyes are light with a warm skin tone, you are a spring
spring type characteristics

The colors best for you are:

Make note of your colors. If you are cool toned, I would throw out those things that are golden. They won't flatter you. If you are warm, colors that remind you of autumn are ideal.

Recognize where you may be dressing all wrong. You may see why certain lip and eye colors never worked for your skin. I am summer I look horrible in golds and brown lip colors. You should recognize your trends now as well.

Tune in on Wednesdays for more beauty and fashion tips.

Much love,