Monday, April 1, 2013

You Mean Their Husbands Actually Respected Them More?

I often find it amusing to read through other commentaries on the change from housewifes to modern women.

We mock them for being housewife slaves but then we now work and still do all the housework on schedules that now leave no time for grooming or hobbies. We have decided that taking on two full time jobs increases our value.

Unfortunately the job that is most important usually slides.

That of being mom and wife.

I was thinking back to what causes me to fall behind in housework... and others in our culture. For those that have the time, it's hours at the gym or getting nails done or buying new outfits. We still desire to please our men but blow dollars and hours spending time shopping and grooming as we let our homes go.

Oddly, we become less and less attractive to men as we do.
I never believed it. Even though I heard it often. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Yet, oddly as I spent hours grooming to get no respect and then make a meal to get romance galore, I have to say it is so true. Time and time again, it has tested true over and over.

The duties we do around the house don't make men think less of us. In fact, they fascinate men.
Imagine the real housewifes.
We think of them as catty, naggy and irritable women with no skills.
Imagine if they could cook, clean, keep beautiful homes etc. Even better, imagine them with posture, manners and elegance. They'd be ideal and have more value, not less. Take Kim Kardashian, make her a domestic goddess with lovely charms..... see what I mean. I have never thought of a chef as being degraded. In fact, I usually look up to someone with skills as a do men. Thus, these women would INCREASE in value, not decrease.

While lovliness in appearance is wonderful. It's shallow and only skin deep. A man falls in love with your aura and skills. And as time goes on, the looks can get ugly really fast without the other.

I do love how women and men had more social occasions in the old days. Think about it. Not only is she going out with the ladies and having bridge. Women now just don't get together enough at all.

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But they also hosted adults for adult coctail parties and went out with their husbands more. I hate the fact that now when women get married, they suddenly are busy. No longer do they have time to go out with friends and if they do, they are a mess.

There was a glamour to the old cocktail parties. Something we could stand to remember. Women kept themselves up. They went dancing with husbands. They had friends over for cocktails. They kept socially active and thus, more attractive.

Make it your goal to get more involved. Do things with the girls. Do things with your man. Groom, be active and increase your value.

Much love,

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