Friday, April 12, 2013

You Can Save So MUCH on your grocery budget IF you do it like the ladies of the 50s did.... and the secret is, most of the savings don't come in WHAT you buy....

I've been absolutely LOVING cooking like it's the 50's. I'm saving so much money, enjoying the food. My husband can't get enough of it. He keeps offering my food to everyone. It is true that of all the things I do, my man is definitely most proud of my food.

The best thing of all. Menu planning has become a breeze and I have been spending SOOOO much less on food. I am at this time, rarely eating out and when we do, it isn't as good as our home food!

So how do I do it?

1) I buy food in it's pure state. I buy real butter, eggs, flour unbleached, organics if i can but a LOT of fresh fruits and veggies if I'm able. I LOVE fruit stands and most of my recipes come from cookbooks in the 50's. I avoid pre-made, pre-packaged, chemically laden foods. I have discovered that it is cheaper and more satisfying to chop my own lettuce, my own onions, my own veggies etc. I have found that I can make homemade salad dressings that are MUCH better than those in the store and as far as bagged salads... just sprinkle on your own toppings and make your own dressings. 50' cookbooks are FULL of homemade dressing recipes. You will HATE craft after trying them.


2) Each week, I shop coupons, fliers etc to find the best deal on meat. I there is a really fine meat at a significant discount, I buy it for Friday night dinner. Then I stick to my cheap items... perhaps some ground beef... chicken legs.. whatever is discounted and inexpensive. My goal.... around $10-$15 for the week on meat. I pick my fresh fruits for the week - whatever is in season and cheap- strawberries are nicely priced right now... apples and oranges are often amost nothing. Pick a few creative fresh veggies... a squash to your liking? Broccoli for Broccoli and cheese? Think through what you like. Pick what is inexpensive.
I love that there was a time when going out for the day in your pajamas and slippers was not socially acceptable.
3) I plan my menu honestly one day at a time based on what needs to be used FIRST. My secret? I don't buy too much. I don't let my food go bad and I use everything I get. This ends up in spending far less and having to shop rarely. My most frequent purchases are flour eggs and milk etc. so I buy those bulk and the least expensive possible.

An example week for me...
Last week on Sunday I cooked up a huge Pot roast. My fiance had brought home potatoes from the fruit stand for 99cents and We had carrots almost drying out. We always have onion.

I cooked up the pot roast which gave me several hours to make some bread doughs. I made them all at once and let them rise, and set together etc. I made dinner rolls, a few loaves of bread and a cake that was heavenly while the roast cooked (3 hours).


I don't like eating the same thing night after night so here is where the creativity comes. You have to do a search on leftovers to find a new meal to create. Do this for each meal.

That pot roast turned into, BBQ Beef sandwiches on buttered bread lathered with sauteed onion rings and melted swiss, Shredded Beef Burritos with homemade tortillas spanish rice lettuce and spicy cheese, Beef Strogganoff, Beef Stroganoff hot beef sandwiches (my fiances favorite, i tossed on some diced bell pepper, spiced shredded cheese and served open faced on bread.... delish) etc.

We used our pot roast. I rarely had to grocery shop. The week was VERY inexpensive and the food was heavenly and varied. Use your food. all of it. Don't toss last nights leftovers and spend money for more food today. Don't let apple sit and rot. Use them. Apples are amazing in food. You can dice them in tuna salad, make fruit salads with mayo and whip cream or cream cheese and varied fruits and celery, apples baked are heavenly on crepes in the am or in tarts in the evening. and they all cost almost nothing to make! IF you make them HOMEMADE. Just have your flour, eggs and sugars ready. Have milk and cream on hand. You should be set. Learn to cook. It will save you so much and be so much healthier for you. Keep your kitchen stocked with the basics, flour, eggs, milk, sugar, brown sugar, cream, yeast, gelatin.. then buy your meats fruits and veggies and tackle those new recipes. Have fun and enjoy the savings in your food budget!

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