Sunday, April 7, 2013

You Can Have the Home You Dream Of... Even With a Limited Budget

Like anything, a beautiful home is simply a matter of planning. I've read of people with little to no money who had nice homes and great savings etc... and those with great wealth barely getting by. It's simply a matter of planning.

So, we've discussed this before but lets review. Decide on a color scheme for each of your rooms. Make sure the mood in each room is what you are striving for. If you've always wanted a chic designer room, quit buying plain. If your dream is a luxurious bathroom, quit buying dollar store items that don't match. When you select items that you love, you will love your home and need to change it less often. It all begins with a plan.
So take your little pocket notebook.
Decide on that color scheme for each room. Jot notes for different atmosphere desires. Think of who will use it, the hobbies you will enjoy, the atmosphere you crave. The items of furniture that will be in it and how you will make them look lovely. The furnishings you desire.

Photograph your room as it is. Take measurements of windows, counters, walls etc. Paste and  note all of this into your little pocket notebook that you carry with you. Make a tab for each room with it's name. Flip to magazines or online and find a picture that is the ideal room you'd love. Past that in next to the room as is. Those rooms with the style you've always longed for, color schemes you love etc. Next to a current view of your room, it will make it more clear what is possible and what will look good in the room you have. If you struggle with color, this will help you to plan colors the way you like.
When out shopping, have that notebook with you. Plan. Start designing each room. When you see an item that is perfect,write the price, name of the item, location and add it to your budget which should already be in your little notebook. Begin planning and saving for your complete room.

 Control your impulse spending so that you can alot to it. If it's fun for you, let yourself purchase something small first so you can see the progress. You will see your room transitioning and it will make you feel so good. It's just a matter of planning so start your master plan today! Take your time. Work on it each day if you like. When you see pictures you love, adjust. Continue adding wishlist items.
 Don't buy bin a frenzy if that item sells out before you purchase, you have your idea and another will always exist. Plan your design and work according to your plan. You will be happiest. Much love and happy designing. You're home is lovely! Have fun!

Much love,

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