Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Can't I Get Motivated?

I was thinking today about the obstacles that come up that keep us from our goals. One day your motivated and excitedly seeing results and then something happens and you lose that excitement and see the past return again.
Often there are things eating away at you beneath the surface. You push them out of your mind when you are able to focus and when you lose focus, it is these thoughts rearing their ugly head. I do believe it is your body's way of telling you those issues need to be faced head on. Something is disrupting your peace of mind...perhaps it's a doubt. Maybe you are working towards an undetermined goal and lack direction. Maybe you don't know what you want or you do and doubt your ability to achieve it.

Whatever is stopping you is a roadblock that will have to be faced to move on and regain motivation. Set a time in the evening when such lack of motivation occurs to consider the following questions:
1. What is the task I am struggling to stay focused on?
2. What am I feeling doubtful about regarding this task?
3. What do I need in my life to excited about this again and lose all doubt?
4. What steps can I take today to eliminate doubt and remotivate myself?

You may need to clean up some issues in your life. It isn't possible to be proud of your clean room if you're hiding cobwebs in the closet. The same is true in life. Hiding problems won't fix them. It makes them grow. Issues that affect your life need to be tended to. Whatever is stressing you needs to be managed. Even doing a task a day to fix such problems will give you a sense of control and thus motivation. Write out your problems. Begin taking steps daily to tackle them. Pray. And when the issues get resolved you will feel peace again. We are all human. We all make mistakes. But you can take steps to fix those mistakes. Don't feel hopeless. Some messes are unpleasant for a time but stick with it and you can eliminate them. After all, isn't that what is holding you up? Clean your messes. Face your issues. Fix your life and in so doing, find the peace you so crave.

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