Sunday, April 28, 2013

When It Seems Like You'll Never Get On Top Of It All

I've been wanting to write about this for a while and could never quite figure out how to approach it. For those of you with big changes to make. It can feel overwhelming at times. If you house is a dissaster, one week may not feel like much has changed.
 If you are overweight, those hard long hours of working to end up with not much to show for can be so frustrating. This is where so many give up. DON'T.
 It won't happen overnight. It never does. Those you see with huge changes in their lives...the amazing before and after pictures that you see posted everywhere didn't happen quickly and... what some dieters don't know... the weight goes UP 'and' down... the entire journey. So will your homemaking changes. EXPECT IT. You will have a battle fighting against every change you try to make. Know this and be ready for that battle. It's the ONLY way you'll succeed. No one that has anything worth having got it without much hard work!!

 Their hardest weeks, they may have gained a few pounds. This is where so many give up. They assume nothing will work for them or say "see, my body just doesn't lose weight" and give up. Change is one of those things that doesn't come easy. Habbits are ENGRAINED. Your body will fight your diet and your mind and temperament will fight your progress in anything and everything you do.
 I think it was Thomas Edison that failed 9,999 times before succeeding. He had to take each failure and figure out how to correct that err and try again. It is consistent effort and consistent action.. fighting against those inner impulses to rebell that will get you where you want to be. Just realize it's more likely that you will resemble the ideal you desire in a year than next week.....

and in the mean time, some weeks will be so amazing and you will be so amazed at the things you accomplished that you had failed at so many times before. Other weeks, you will feel like you didn't get much done BUT you did keep up with what you had begun and that is something to celebrate!!

 My first few weeks all I did was get the meals planned. The third week or so I was feeling so down because my floor was a mess but I was failing to acknowledge that I had been making meals every day for those weeks... something I had never done before!! And one week, I took that floor on and it was amazing... and kept on the meals but still had a closet to get through. What I had to focus on was what I had accomplished... not what was still lacking. I was for the first time making meals every night, doing my dishes and now my floor was done and staying done.... it's baby steps ladies ;)
That's how it will come about. If you don't stop to celebrate each accomplishment as you make it, you will miss the joy of the change. Don't expect everything right away. Celebrate each step. Be proud of what you are changing in your life. Another thing that will be hard and I will warn you.... once I actually started looking "prettier"  girls threw out the most horrible comments. Suddenly they treated me like I was the mean pretty girl on their school playground or that tempted their husband and they can lash out the most horrible insults. Be ready for them. Don't let them hurt you. It will happen. Things like that can throw you off track and really hurt. Put on your tough outer shell and keep going. You are getting closer to your goal and it is showing. Embrace that.
Realize that it will be a little at a time and focus on keeping up what you have already started and make it your goal to keep getting that much done and a little more each week. You WILL see that it is a lifestyle change. You have to train yourself to start spending time and effort at things you didn't before. Like a weight lifting regime or training for a race etc.. you have to train yourself to set aside that time each day and you have to get through the sore muscle days to reach your goal. See your transformation as a journey that you'd like to complete in a year or so. Jot out what you'd like to improve each month as you head through that year. Give your self small goals each week. Then celebrate each step.

Example..... instead of. 'I'm going to be a perfect housewife by following this plan this week"

Plan your year realizing that is likely not possible.

Week one - plan meals and budget groceries
week two - continue to plan meals and budget groceries plan in nutrition and weight management start spending 20 min each am to tone

etc etc

Continue to try to follow your weekly plan. Just let that day go until next week if you don't get everything done. ALWAYS do the grossest or hardest jobs first. If they are all day jobs, just spend and hour on them and get to other things but get to them. Those icky jobs are usually the ones we put off and they cause us the most internal us to want to give up or feel we are never going to get on top of things... lol. It's because we DO put those particular jobs off that it feels that way. So work on them always and start chipping them away. Like a hard to remove stain that you scrub and scrub... it will eventually come out just like you will eventually finish those icky jobs with a little work each week or day until they are done. They have to be chipped of little by little but then guess what? They dissapear and you will feel on top of the world.. like you have accomplished a great feat... and you have!
Go back to your plan sheet. What all you want to accomplish as a housewife... your figure, your appearance (do you desire to look like sophia loren?), your home do you want it to resemble a southern manor, your style of dress, your romance with your husband, the kind of meals you'd like to be able to prepare, the kind of parties you'd love to be able to entertain etc.
Keep those goals in front of you each day. Keep working towards them a little at a time. NEVER GIVE UP! Keep stepping towards your goal and a little at a time, you will get there. You will be lovely, your home will be lovely and you love will be lovely.. just don't give up.

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Much love always

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