Monday, April 1, 2013

Watching Weight The 50s Way...Also the French Way

Not too long ago I read about a french diet... literally it was simply, make everything from scratch.
Stop eating processed foods...


Everyone loves to talk about how the women in the 50's weren't fat.... a large part of this was for the same reason.
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With the women's lib movement unfortunately came a lot of processed foods. After all, in order for women to abandon their homes, they certainly wouldn't have time to make dinner anymore.
And so they came, processed biscuits, processed meals and some of the things we actually call food right now to replace pastries are frightening. I would MUCH rather you made a homemade carrot cake with fresh carrots loaded with cream cheese than the chemicals in processed foods.

I think it is sad what has happened to our culture in so many ways but especially when it comes to health. The way we eat just doesn't take into account what our bodies need for nutritious purposes anymore at all. We just eat what is already made and available and it is mostly toxic.
 I read something not long about about how even hamburger buns at mcdonalds have a preservative that causes cancer. It's our own fault in so many ways. We buy what is fast. We no longer want to wait.
And we literally threw all studies on what our bodies need to function out the window as we stuff down whatever has flavor. Well guess what....the foods you buy want profit and they put preservatives in to make you stay hungry and want more and crave their food. All of this is KILLING you and making you fat and miserable... and since your bodies are getting very little in the way of nutrition, you are tired and miserable and still hungry.

And since your tired, you aren't getting up to exercise much either... although you may drive to get something to eat that makes you worse... do you see the pattern?
Canned foods are dangerous. But not home canned. Grow your own garden... buy fresh organic food. Why the snobby organics? Because the others have dangerous additions that can kill you!
Unfortunately we have to buy organic now. In the past women had fresh foods and didn't have to worry about such things.


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So be like the french or like a food snob... or even better the 1950's housewife.
Buy fresh vegetables to cook with. Learn to make bread from scratch.
AVOID processed foods as much as possible. It may save your life.


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