Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pretty is As Pretty Does

One of the things that women learned in the 50's that women need so desperately to learn now is what makes a woman lovely.

While features and grooming help, you can actually be rather plain of feature yet have a lovliness... a softness and gentleness that makes you far more lovely than any well groomed woman with harsh features ever could be.

As they said in the old days, "pretty is as pretty does".
And it takes a LOT of work on your personality to be truly lovely to a man as well as to women.
No matter how much you've groomed or how impeccibly you are dressed if you have such emotions as vanity or anger brewing within, you simply won't be lovely. No man wants to cradle what feels like an aggressive man. Men long to protect, to love, to nurture.

Take away all the grooming in the world and have a softness and tenderness to your spirit and you will radiate with a loving glow.

To truly be beautiful, you must truly BECOME beautiful... inside. The only way to develop such beauty is to start loving others. Treat others with love and tenderness. Look at them and love them with wonder.
Remove the stress and angry feelings from within. Tackle your ugly insecurities that show right through to your very face.

Rather than pride, work to be soft. You can still be elegant but in order to be feminine and lovely, it will have to be in a soft and delicate way.

One of the awful results of women's lib is the aggressiveness to a woman's features. We spend so much time trying to be like men... that though we may appear to look like women, we come across as men in stance and expression. This makes men unable to see you as something attractive. They are drawn to what is feminine, delicate, lovely. They want to see you as pure and lovely and holy. They don't want to look at you and see a man.

Often, all it takes is a masculine expression or posture to make you look manly. You may have many male friends but you won't be attractive.
Work to rid yourselves of masculine emotions: competitiveness, pride, revenge, anger, distrust, suspicion etc.

Replace them with the more feminine emotions: softness, tenderness, love, naivity, delight, joy, peace, reflectiveness, dreaming, reflecting, rejoicing etc.

Work to make your movements more graceful, reflective, thoughtful. Remove the hurry from your day. Be at peace with your life and your schedule. Be the tender peace a man craves. Be neat, tidy, reflective, soft and peaceful and you will immediately be more attractive to both men and women. Enjoy your sex. Enjoy being female. Remember birthdays, smile softly. Delight in your home. Be lovely. You may just find more love than you imagined in the process. There are plenty of men in the world. The world needs women. There is a soft, angelic tenderness to them that we all need. Embrace it. Become it. Find your innter self.

Phillipians 4:8
"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

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