Sunday, April 7, 2013

Plan That Figure....and Enjoy Great Meals

I have found that when I follow a pre packaged meal plan, I do well. I get to enjoy the luxury of the meal and know it's portioned and thus, guilt free. The bad thing, it doesn't allow me the other luxuries I've come to love in my budget. I much prefer the flavor and cost of making my diet homemade.

Sadly, if you don't plan your meal, you WILL eat too much. It's just a matter of nature.
I run into problems if I buy when out (fast food is ALWAYS loaded with unecessary calories)

 or fail to plan my menu and thus, portions BEFORE eating. The ladies of the 50's planned their menu and so can you. I do believe they got far better results than we do now.

One of the great assets of knowing to cook is the luxury of amazing food. I just made a fresh loaf of bread last night and the taste of that hot bread with a little butter....heaven! But... I had to plan it in. It's not that hard and it gives you complete freedom. I have not been watching sweets. I am planning them. I don't follow a strict 'I can't eat this or that' plan. It's doomed to fail at the first emotional crisis. When things are hard in life, the first thing you want is whatever you've been struggling to deny yourself. I believe a diet is best planned when you don't deny... simply plan. Every food is good in it's correct portion.

Planning a menu is essntial to diet and health success. Your cravings(unplanned) will NOT lead you to the results or health you truly desire. You must learn to plan those cravings in... in a portion.

Begin by planning your menu for tomorrow this morning or at some point today. Being prepared is essential. If you have the excess time, plan the week at once. You need to have time to calculate servings and calories or select a recipe that does this for you. Make sure you are getting in 3-5 vegetables, 2-4 fruits, 2-3 proteins, 6-11 grains, and 2-4 dairy servings that day. If not all, make sure you at least get vegetables every meal, fruit at least one, ideally two and some that are fresh if able each day. Make grains whole grain when able and plan your portions so that your calories are between 1200 and 1500/day.
As you can see looking at weight watchers prepared meals, you CAN have luxurious items in small amounts, vegetables in large amounts.

Substitute where you are able for lower fat choices and allow yourself that delicious dessert... a VERY small portion that night. Just plan it.

Plan a lovely small portioned breakfast that suits your cravings.... perhaps french toast and berries, a veggie omelet... make sure it satisfies your taste buds. There is no reason not to. Just make it appropriate in size.

Learn to minimize recipes. If you make a large meal and you are the only one eating it, plan to package and freeze the extra or portion the recipe so that it's only one serving before you make it at all. That is the luxury of not buying premade. You can make it so it's only one serving with the right dish, just fraction the ingredients.

Plan your breakfast lunch and dinner... 2 snacks (small or vegetable/fruit) and a decadent dessert (small portion) Then stick to it and don't eat anything else. Allow yourself the luxury of lovely food, just don't overeat the bad stuff. Get the good foods in. You NEED those fruits and vegetables. They are natures medicine. Get them in. Enjoy your food.
Take a cooking class if need be and start to plan your diet. If you don't plan your diet, it WILL destroy you.

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