Friday, April 19, 2013

My Weekly Plan

As promised here is the weekly plan that has changed my life. You would of course have to create your own based on your life, your hiccups and your struggles.

My goals were:
- to be lovely in appearance and not let myself go with age
-to be fashionable and attractive like the ideal housewife and keep the love and excitement of one newly in love
-to have a lovely home that was always ready for company
-to have a stylish home that kept me from ever being envious of others (changing my shopping habbits to be well planned and stylish)
-to be an amazing cook that could cook any dish a restuarant would offer.
-to make all fresh food and avoid packaged foods due to the affects on my health
-to learn to sew and be able to create amazing dresses out of sheets and discount fabrics- dresses of MY choosing - it is SO much fun to be able to choose your dress exactly as you like it instead of depend on whats in stock at a store at far too high of a price.
-to be active in hobbies and things I enjoy -  not to let such things go because of marriage
- to have a lovely home for children and family - one that says home.

Set your goals first and foremost. Then decide what is important for you to do each week to get those goals in. Another thing that I had to do was determine why it was important to me.

Often I got ready when my husband was receptive. If he wasn't, I crawled in a corner and sulked. But honestly, do I only want to be a lovely female if he acknowledges it? Am I truly willing to become like so many older women are and let my body and my figure and my appearance go? I had to realize that being lovely was important to ME. Having a lovely home was important to ME. Being stylish was a dream I've had since a girl. When I watch old classic movies with the ladies I adored growing up and desired to be like, I don't want to look at them and feel bad about the fact I didn't become the lovely female I longed to be. Once you realize it is for YOU. You wont stop if your husband is cruel. In fact, it will become a refuge. With or without his approval make up your mind to be lovely. He will likely respond but don't base your efforts on that. Base them on YOUR goals. Have a home that is lovely for you. Enjoy being a female for YOU. It will rescue you from the performance trap and will give you a sense of calm and resolve. Every time you accomplish something and make a home pretty it will reward you and feel great to you. Every time you reach a goal you've always longed for, it's like giving yourself a great present. It's truly wonderful.

So here's my plan. I literally turn to the page for the day of the week and only focus on that for that day. I planned my days for the most ideal times for me to do such tasks. I like to bake on Sundays and be around home. Mondays are a fun day for me to get out. etc etc. Pick your days and work them out for you. Don't go out every day shopping and running every list. Don't let to dos pile up until it's so overwhelming you escape to the nearest chocolate donut and give up altogether. The weekly plan eliminates to do lists. It's all there. As long as you open your book and do that days jobs, at the end of the week, you will hit everything. When that day is over, if you didn't finish everything, it's okay. You will the next week on that day. Do what is most important each day and you will get to the things you need to.


in the am:
-groom in pretty things that fit the image I longed to be. A lovely dress, a spritz of perfume that makes me feel feminine. Pretty lipstick, sparkly shoes. Whatever you love. Some days I love the Sophia Loren Eye makeup etc.
-Make the bed and plan to make meals. Schedule day accordingly. Eating at home is healthier and really doesn't take that much longer. The food is so much better and affordable as well.
-kiss my loved ones. Start the day right no matter how the day was the day before.
-refresh flowers or tie up curtains something to make you feel cheerful.
- I do a bible study. It keeps my heart right

in the pm:
-long bubble bath or whatever you prefer.
-lotion and night cream
-jammies that feel silky and perfume- what makes me feel pretty
-check calendar for any appointents tomorrow- is there anything I need to do on top of my list?
-pull out tomorrows outfit and jewelry. perhap choose and eye shadow combination.
-read something I love and make nightime cozy.
-review tomorrows meal plan.

-Plan calendar for the week - get in any events from the paper that seem fun. Activities I love like church and cooking class... anything I want to do with family this week.
-make bread dough in am to bake that day. LOVE fresh bread and need rising time.
-Take inventory of kitchen cupboads. What do I have that I need to use....? Any perishables? throw out old food, clean fridge if any unsightly spills.
-change out dishrags. Make the new ones pretty and lovely. I like to have matching dish rags and hot pads and change both that day. Refresh any scents in the kitchen... do I need candles, put them on my list for tomorrow if so.
-Check the paper for specials on groceries and coupons. Using what I find from this and my inventory,plan my menu in the most affordable yet delicious way possible.
-Make my kitchen lovely. Change out things if I desire. Review my kitchen design plan. Pick some fresh flours, Tie new ribbons on the curtains etc.
-review calendar for birthdays. Write any letters, make note of any birthday gifts needed to purchase tomorrow for this week. Have them ready to mail - look up addresses etc.
-do an excercise toning regime - situps pushups etc.
-paint my nails for the week
-pluck any hairs - eyebrows, chin etc etc.. you know where you need this... ;)
-wipe off any pictures and fixtures in the kitchen
Basic clean of kitchen. Make it pretty.
Then my less frequents
1st Sundays of the month - change calendar if I haven't, stove and oven clean! Change out decor a bit something new.
2nd Sunday of the month - organize cupboards, line if I need to. Sachet for smell?
3rd Sunday of the month - Clean ceiling, Clean cannisters/salt pepper shakers, Wipe off spices etc
4th Sunday - Polish sink, wipe walls, Wash curtains and windows

Mondays-My day out ;)
-groceries, grab list and coupons/menu plan
-Grab any cards I addressed and my list of gifts to get
-stop by post office, grocery store for groceries, library, bag up a bag for goodwill and take it today, hair salon? , purchase any new clothes, decor, flowers etc today, I buy nail and hair supplies, cleaning supplies, etc
-take a walk
-Budget - go through mail, review plan, note what I spent on. Make sure it's within my goals
-I like to do my microdermabrasion from Mary Kay and also exfoliate my skin today by scrubbing down with sugar and water before my bath.
-after bath, use self tanner
-baking soda on teeth to brighten today

Oil Change, May, Aug, Nov and Feb

Tuesdays- My outdoor day ;)

-any food caning, making jellies etc
-decorating out doors, trimming bushes, planting flowers etc... sweep patio, weed, decorate as I desire
-wash(weekly) and wax car(2nd week)
-door wreath looking nice? time to change
-clean and upkeep of outside of home.. any painting, washing windows etc that need tending
-excercise toning today

Wednesdays -
-I clen my cooking areas today... living room/family room etc.
-declutter and bag for going out day to take to goodwill as need
-Mary Kay Microdermabasion...self tanner after bath
-litterbox duty

1st week of month - wipe walls, ceiling etc
2nd week of month - clean curtains, pillow or seat covers. I go through tool cupboard too
3rd week of month - I have an amonia and rewax floor procedure I go through to make my floors glisten

-Sewing day!!! Love sewing! ;)
-spot laundry
-clean bathroom - walls/mirror, doors etc, toilet
-plan my wardrobe for week in the look I desire to achieve - think glam ;)
-Pour boiling water in drains to clean
-toning exercise routine

2nd week of month, arrange closet and dressers

-Make Bedroom lovely and romantic
-Wash sheets/pillows - polish furniture in bedroom
-work on recipe cards
-I take sabbath each week so today I make all my favorite dishes like its a holiday... it is so much fn!! I LOVE sabbath. I indulge that day on every delicious food I desire... like thanksgiving. I make it all Friday and relax completely Friday  sunset to Saturday sunset. It is so delightful. No holiday compares.
-bath around 3 with a last microdermabrasion for week. My favorite scented lotion and favorite perfume.
-Dress up for Sabbath, finishing touches on home before sunset. My prettiest dress. Get out games and activties to celebrate, etc.

Saturday... complete REST  and leisure.  and lots of fun and good food - celebrating a God that I believe is truly lovely and good. That evil doesn't prevail. The beauty of His creation and his unending love.  ;)

That's my list. Enjoy. Much love,

Order from my mary kay page anytime. Much love

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