Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mom's Need a Social Life Too

I am sitting here at a coffee shop today listening to a woman trying her hardest to be cool and chat with a child about 10. She is monopolizing the conversation - talking in a "valley talk" manner and going on and on trying to impress a child.

If this is you.... stop!

It is time, my dear for you to get a social life. An adult social life.
It is time to leave behind being a child and learn to be a lady... a woman... an elegant refined adult.


The goal isn't to look like a cast member of full should desire to be a woman!

If you are having struggles with your husband, I hate to say it, but this is very likely the case.
A grown woman acting like a child just isn't attractive. There is nothing more grating. We have lost our sophistication and our glamour. We are either run down and sloppy or childish and immature. I hate to see so many unfit mothers and wives and the lack of lovely feminine glamour and sophistication in this world.
I have a facebook page that tends to get male admirers. One in particular was a very young boy from another culture. Something he said to me when I tried to explain the reasons why I was not an option for him hit. It is the thing men crave and desire in women. Unlike most women assume, it is not just sex. They crave ALL the things women offer.
" In the long 23 years of my age even I didn't find such kind of a lady for whom I'm waiting for. I'm looking for a lifepartner who is pretty like you, smart like you, mature and after all who understand me and my circumstances as well as who also takes care of me and my family....I don't know..when i will meet her......If you have such kind of lady then let me inform...".
The women in 1950's movies were ideal to them. I have heard men say, "the perfect woman is any woman in a 1950's or 1960's movie. They just don't exist anymore." Sadly this is true ladies! Don't let it be! Rediscover your feminine charms. You DO have them. They are easy to learn. You will feel much better about yourself when you do.
Men crave a woman. They desire and long for a woman who can make a home,
be someone he can confide in, trust, who raises lovely children and is a MOM to them are there to nurture, love and raise them into lovely adults. They need to learn from you. Not vice versa.
So get out and get a social life. Find a ladies group to get involved in. Get involved in adult activities. Start hosting older couples for dinner in your newly cleaned home. Get involved in activities that interest you. Date your husband, love and gossip only to your girlfriends
RAISE your kids.
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There has to come a time where you want to grow. I see it more in our culture than any. David Ramsey was talking to a struggling wife today on the phone about her husband who couldn't control his impulse spending. If he wanted something he had to have it then. His exact words were "I don't know what you can do to get your husband to growup.  Maturity is often defined as the ability to delay gratification for the good of all."
That is so true. We are a society of children. Absolute children. We don't want to do chores. We don't want to eat what is good for us. We don't want to raise our kids, we want to be kids. We want to un from every responsibility, give ourselves every toy we want and in the end, we have a run down home, horrible figures, bad health, unhappy husbands and monster children that were never raised, disciplined or loved. Part of the joy of being a parent is teaching your kids the REASONS to be responsible.
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The results of NOT being responsible... to SAVE them from going through the terrible times so many of us suffer from now. If you still haven't learned from you bad habbits, begin today. Discipline that child in YOU! As for your children, teach them to clean their rooms and WHY. Teach them to get their rest and WHY. Teach them to eat their vegetables and WHY.
Show them the horrible life they could one day lead if they don't. They won't always have you. One day they will have the face the harsh cold world and if you don't prepare them, who will? Teach them to be husbands, to pay bills, to cook, to budget, to select a man that will be good to them, to provide for themselves, to maintain a home etc. Help them to begin healthy habbits, such as a time for chores... an allowance to save for things they need and fun. Be an example for them to follow. And be satisfied yourself by enjoying being and adult and a mother. Have adult girlfriends, adult activities and adult love and NEVER select children as best friends to confide in. It's not fair to them. They need your love and attention and will listen as you go on and on about your life just to get that attention but when you are with your kids, the focus needs to be THEM not you. When with your kids, learn to listen not talk. Give advice not ask for advice, teach, love nurture and focus on THEM.
The world today is in desperate need of good mothers. Will it be you? 
You will love yourself for it.
Much love

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