Monday, April 22, 2013

I Lost Weight Eating BUTTER!!

You all are going to be shocked when you hear this but it is absolutely true!


I have been on a health kick for quite a while. I've done every diet you can imagine. I've loaded my family up with veggies and fruits but there was still a few pounds that seemed to linger at times. These pounds weren't so much weight as it seemed... bloating.  I would get rather bloated each month right on schedule... sometimes mid month as well. No matter the diet, it seemed that this would plague me. I tried cutting breads or white potatoes but deep down I knew those things were good for me.

When I started this 50s diet plan, I felt SO much better and was determined to eat the 50s and french way... not cutting out anything natural... just cutting out anything boxed with chemicals that I didn't trust.

There was one thing I wasn't cutting out though....margarines, low cal foods and low fat foods where the natural had been replaced with some kind of chemical replacement.

It was when I was reading about hormones in women... hormone imbalance etc. I was pretty sure this was what I had but leery of taking anything that was risky of stroke or heart disease etc.
This article said that the in when you eat margarine instead of butter.... low fat instead of whole milk etc.... it affects your body's ability to make the hormone estrogen.
What you end up seeing is the typical hormone imbalance effects... weight gain, feeling ill... you name it. Anyone who has experienced hormone symptoms knows what I am talking about.

So.... I bought butter. For a few weeks I ate NOTHING unnatural.. period. I made my bread, I made everything from scratch... (secret.. it really doesn't take that much longer to make a cake up from scratch than it does mixing up a box) same with cookies etc. Just wash the mixing bowl as soon as you use it and it' nothing.. really.

Anyways... back to my nothing un natural. I used whole butter, olive oil and coconut oil.. real shortening. I just got rid of all un natural food and I got THIN! Eating homemade cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, homemade rolls you name it. I made sure to load my diet with veggies.. my favorite way is to make loaded eggs in the am... (Garlic/peppers/onions/mushrooms/whatever I crave veggiewise all in the eggs. Saute the veggies first in some 'real butter'  until tender and fragrant. Turn the heat to low and add your eggs and cream or real milk blend then swirl  until no free liquid remains.. then throw in your real cheese (I like to try various flavored cheeses at the cheese counter- tres French ;)and any meats ))

What seems to work aside from the fact that making estrogen corrects the weight struggles is that I am FULL very quickly when I eat naturally. There are actually chemical additives in food now. They literally put chemicals in the food to supress your full feelings and in fact make you hungry. So you are literally eating FAR more than you would eat if you ate naturally. The chemicals are causing you to gorge yourself. If you want to see the evidence... feed your cat or watch someone eating packaged cupcakes or potato chips or at mcdonalds. Watch the gorging and lack of being able to stop. They put the same chemicals in animal foods. Watch as your cat un naturally gorges. We have taken in several strays and seeing them go from healthy cats who hunted and ate just enough to catfood addicted fat cats is amazing. The food is loaded with addictive substances that will make you eat more than is honestly healthy for you TO eat. Eat natural. See how quickly you get full. It will absolutely shock you.

Another secret about coconut oil... it's a great candida preventative and skin moisturizer. Lather your skin up with this amazing oil... it is great for wrinkles. Egg white masks... great for deep wrinkles.

Go natural ladies. Get rid of the chemicals. Women back then ate REAL food. You can and should too!!

A few weeks after doing this natural approach, I ate a mcdonalds cheeseburger.. I started coughing, got ill you name it, it was terrible. They say the chemicals just in a hamburger bun at McDonalds are cancer causing.. it's just not worth it.

Un natural foods are BAD for you!
Anything man made = bad, Anything God made = good.
Learn to cook from scratch, it tastes better and it will make YOU better.

P.S.    there is a reason they ate gelatin in the 50s..... not only is it great for your bones.... anyone near menopause listen up.. but ALSO, sagging skin... lack of collagen, elasticity.. so bring on those gelatin dishes.... ;)

Much love,


  1. Love this article and I suffer with PCOS. I too have given up processed foods and we now live on a more natural diet. Brilliant article, well done.


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