Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Word On Difficult Husbands

One of the greatest struggles in your venture to be an ideal housewife may be struggling with a less than ideal husband. Not only have women abandoned the charm of the past, many men have traded in gentlemanly traits for the new male testosterone pride that comes across as harsh, abrasive, unappreciative and  honestly sometimes lazy.

One of the things men struggle with more than ever since we abandoned the housewife role is themselves feeling appreciated and their biggest struggle? Not feeling respected as men.
In their desperate desire to feel manly, they get respect where they can... from other who can relate to their frustration with the change in women.
The truth is, the liberation movement hurt men. Many of them long for women who adore them and look up to them.
They long for the 50s housewife, a warm loving home, a pretty lovely adoring lover. They are looking instead at women who either come across as manly or overly sexual. They crave the good housewife, they instead have a woman they can't trust or can't see as a lover anymore.
This has caused frustration and anger in them too. They feel shafted, frustrated. They want to show you that they are a man whether you will acknowledge it or not. The only one giving them credit as being manly are other men so it comes across in a way that may not be attractive to women. I do also believe it is the reason for the surge in divorce. Men don't want to give up on the idea of a 50s housewife so they are always drawn to the next woman who appears to see their manliness and well.... we know the rest of that story. The women who love to chase married men are "great" at ego boosting. They will build your man up the way you won't.

He will change his appearance, strut around the office and doing anything he can to get female attention that builds his self image. Men dream of the submissive loving houswife. They crave her and they won't stop seeking her.
So....if you continue to refuse to be impressed with or impress him, the is a woman out there who will be happy to do it for you. If you defy against acting impressed, he will find someone who will.


If you are struggling with your man, I guarantee it is one of these areas. Choose one a week to focus on. When you start to rebel against the idea remember this IS the man you fell in love with and dreamed of impressing and adoring once. Let him see that you again. You may rediscover the old him in the process. We all think of doing these things when we first date or marry. We show him the amazing housewife we will be, the desirable lover we will be. We dress our prettiest and wink his way. We listen to his stories and show we are impressed. We look at him like a "man." At that time, he doesn't feel the need to act macho or rebel against your lack of respect with a show of his manhood. At that time, you are acting impressed and it was probably a much kinder time for you to. Note that most pinup girls are simply looking at the man the way he desires to be looked at. hint: It's not about seduction, its about feeling admired "looked up to" These women are looking at them like they are important. They crave to feel appreciated. Unfortunately most wives look at them with disdain "if" they look at all.

Somehow, you must remember. What did you dream of being like as a housewife for him at first? What did you feel like when you dressed for him to come to the door? Remember when his kiss was amazing? When you desired his embrace? Rediscover.

So what do men crave when they dream of their fantasy woman?

well a 50s housewife, honestly sums it up.... (NOT the newer version that disgusts me when women try to imitate her... the skanky slutty female is the modern woman, not the 50s woman. Women then were not CHEAP. Their men could trust them. Women today think it's only about sex and I'm sorry ladies but that is just not true. It makes you look less desirable NOT more)

He dreams:
1. of  being her hero. A girl who makes eyes that look up to him and see him as amazing. He dreams of being seen as a man. He longs to be the man of the house and feel respected as a man of the house. He wants to be adored, like you probably did when you dated him and like women who pursue make him feel now.

2. A woman who desires his touch and love. Who melts in his arms. Who is lovely and feminine, delicate and who adores him. They long to see you as their princess. They long for you to be feminine and desire to attract them. They want to feel lost in your presence but in order to do that, they need to feel that you are lost in their too.

3. They want a cozy home. They need your domestic skills. When they leave their mothers, they lose a cozy home. They long for that still. A woman who takes care of them, can mend their clothes, that longs to nurture them. They crave it not to look down on you... to be comfortable depending on you... which they can ONLY do if they feel respected by you. If your man feels respected by you and you do these skills, they will be able to show a desire and need for you. However, if you show disrespect for him, he will punch you down anywhere he can to feel like a man. He wants you to do them because you love him and adore him. Not in a sense of martyrdom or always complaining and acting put off by it. If he feels adored by you, he will ADORE you. If he feels resented by you, he will despise you. Most of his anger is because he feels disliked by you. He is angry because you don't want to do things for him, you don't adore him, you don't look lovingly at him, you don't notice him.

I was talking with someone once about this and we chuckled. So much of faith is trusting God with what doesn't seem possible. To get a desired result, you have to do the opposite of what seems would truly work.... but it does.

To truly get your mans respect, give him yours and submit. It may seem you'll be a doormat but trust  me. It will get his love and his respect. There is no one a man respects more... than the woman who makes him feel most like a man..

so focus on one of the above areas... and watch your man fall in love with you before your very eyes.
Desire him, love him, adore him and he will adore you too.

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