Monday, April 15, 2013

A Few Design Basics... to Make Your Home Elegant

It was not too long ago that a friend had me paint some rooms in their home to resell. They said the magic words...."choose any colors you like." This house was like a dump when I went in. Dirty... chipped paint... just a filthy mess.

When I had finished, the kitchen had floral stenciling that was so elegant, the bathroom and laundry rooms were bright red with white trim and looked amazing. It was a show home. Literally. I found myself wanting what I'd thought was a dump.... the best part... it cost less than a couple hundred dollars to paint everything, fix faucets etc.
Paint is a very inexpensive way to make your home feel amazing. If you find yourself looking at catalogues or viewing new show homes, it just means you need to put some elegance, personality or spice into your home... and it is SO much fun.
A few secrets that will make it next to nothing... Habitat For Humanity... if you have a store nearby.. you can get a gallon of paint for $2. It is used but I have had so much fun painting with the paint I get there.

Also, Walmart/Lowes etc have "Oops" cans. When they mix the wrong colors and someone decides they don't want it, guess what? It's half off. ;)

The main thing you want to do before going out is choose your color scheme for each room.

Ideal rooms are about 3-4 colors. Make yours 3 colors.... One that is a neutral and mainly takes up space... White, Grey, Beige, Black.

I would make your second color POP. Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Pink etc..

Your third color.. should make your bright color look even better.

Here are some examples :)

Now you see why planning a room is SO much more rewarding than shopping impulsively buying the first thing you see and trying to put everything together - squeezing photos you really liked anywhere they will fit, combining so many colors you have a headache.. with so many nicknacks, you are overwhelmed.

True Elegance in design requires careful planning and literally only a few colors, and a FEW very well chosen design statements.
It's not about having quantity, its about creating a painting.  Walk through a furniture, what shapes appeal to you? What color schemes do you tend to like in rooms. I tend to love to go bold and get the blacks, violets and reds in. Some create havens with white. But the end result should create a feeling of peace and tranquility. It MUST be serene to be something people LONG to be in.

Select your favorite furnishing... if you don't have one, start saving up. Shop Find for example your favorite bedspread... build your bedroom around it. Select a few decorative items of furniture. Choose your bright color, neutral and compliment.
The Bedspead you love will stand out so much more, if you neutralize the room around it with just a few accents that enhance it. ;) Get the idea?

This wheel will help.
Colors of the same shade (To the right or left of each other are good as a 3rd choice... or colors on the opposite end.) You can also just mix two colors of the same shade.

For your bright pink, you may choose a neutral pink as your compliment with a white background.

If you like bright red... you my have white walls and compliment with a lime green.

Play find your bright, find your favorite color to go with it and choose your neutral and have fun.

Every room Can be amazing. It's a matter of toning it down, getting rid of clutter and designing your colors and decor with a purpose. Don't just buy what is cute in the store anymore. You waste SO much money doing this... Plan your room first. Find a few elements you love. Choose your 3 colors and pick your decor based on your plan. And don't tell me you don't have the money. Most bed spreads are only around $60... you can choose one that is bright red, have white walls with a few bright red photos, a Red Vase on a Black Table from a garage or dollar store... and Voila... It's really quite simple. You can do it!! ;)

Have Fun
and Much love Always
Veronique ;)

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