Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Daily Schedule

I have blogged about making your weekly schedule. It works perfectly IF you are able to get yourself to stay on task and do what you need for 'that day.'

They always say that planning for everything that can go wrong is the only way to get everything done. If you don't plan for hang ups, they will be able to take you down.

What kinds of interruptions are you likely to have in the average day?
Perhaps take a day and make note of each hangup and the length of time you devoted to it.

Is there a trend? Do you tend to devote your time to things to avoid the chores? or because there's something your not getting enough of and thus you keep sneaking it in? If so, then perhaps you need to adjust your weekly schedule accordingly. Make it work for you.


Stacy found herself abandoning her dishes to run outside often. There was nothing outside she necessarily needed to do... she just liked being outside.

Planning different activities throughout the day that allowed her time outside, helped her with this.
She was able to get her dishes done knowing there'd be plenty of time to still be outside.

Mary found that she was more inspired to do dishes and cook if she watched something like the food network as she did.

I find myself wanting to skip grooming steps on occasion and always suffer the consequences. I need to set a time that is soothing and something I look forward to each morning for grooming... and I needed to set it at a time when no one was up since I get distrated easily by others if they are awake.

Suzy gets emotional about her hubby often. She finds herself spending hours reading books and writing him and crying etc... Honestly housework is a lovely distraction. She needs to allow herself an hour each day to cry, read books about him write letters etc.. but then stop. Focus on the kind of relationship she desires to have.. perhaps even pretend she does have it in her mind and get back to her lovely home. That kind of emotional energy will destroy you. If you focus all day on the bad, you will lose so much good. Set a time for it, get the icky emotions out. Then reward yourself with a classic movie with a lovely life you desire and making your home lovely as you forget your troubles. Focus on the home you desire to have... don't spend your day thinking about the bad. Focus on the good. It is so important.

This is where having a daily schedule is essential. Do you still tend to forget appointments? Do you perhaps linger on some activities too long and find yourself with nothing much done at the end of the day?

Take your weekly schedule and plan a daily schedule or tentative plan.

I.E. for me getting up early for a soothing time of grooming that is unrushed is essential for me or I will get pulled away by the day before it's even started.

Checking the calendar for appointments may be important first thing in the am or the evening before if you don't tend to wake early enough.

Plan out your day. Either a generic day plan or based on the day of the week and what you have schedule in it. If you don't plan your time, it will slip away from you. So many hours are lost, not in work but in thinking about what to do next. We sit for hours contemplating whether we should do this or that  and so much of our day is actually lost doing that. Sometimes we give up and lay down and do nothing. If you have a plan, this won't happen. Don't let idleness steal your day or your lovely home or appearance from you. Have you day planned ahead of time so that when you do have leisure, you can truly enjoy it.

Example plan

Wake early groom breakfast prep check calendar

mid am
housekeeping chores.... try to finish the bulk or hardest by lunch. Throw in 15 min of me time for fun. :)

prep lunch... begin dinner prep

early afternoon
out door time. another 15 min of me time. Finish any houskeeping chores.

set up home for leisure... groom and bath perhaps to feel fresh for dinner
(housekeeping can be messy I like my bath here) Dinner prep.. light candles... enjoy evening with family etc.

facecreams... light reading... review tomorrows plan... write any letters...review tomorrows menu etc...

Make it fit you. It is said that habbits are more likely to be engrained with a routine. If you follow a routine, you will get things done. So use trial and error to see what works for you. Figure in your temperament and struggles. Teach yourself to get the work done, plan for distractions and give yourself some pampering in the midst of it as well so that you won't rebel too much ;) You WILL be so much happier when you are able to get your plan to work for you so enjoy setting it up. Perfect your weekly plan and daily plan. You will know it is working when your home is lovely. If it's not, sit down and go through what is working and what isn't. Set a time each week where you review and remind yourself of your goals, what you'd like to be, your plan, struggles to keep your plan, ways to correct that etc... and continue to adjust it until it works. Your biggest struggle is going to be getting yourself to do the work you don't want to do.

 The hardest person to manage in life is ourself. While we'll work so hard for another, we are terrible workers for ourselves sometimes. If you have to pretend you have a boss looking over your shoulder, do so.  Pretend it's your housewife icon. Pretend you have to report to her daily with what you've accomplished or find an accountability partner. Somehow you have to find a way to get yourself to work. How you do this is up to you :) Reward yourself when you do well but make yourself work when you get lax. Those impulsive thoughts "I don't really need to do this" are ALWAYS WRONG!! Your plan is always according to you dreams and goals. Follow your plan. Teach yourself why it's important to follow. Stay on task. You will have much more leisure and you will be rewarding yourself simply by doing it. You are robbing yourself of your dream everytime you let your inner child get away with not working. Find a way to get it into shape and have fun doing it. You will LOVE the results of a lovely home.

Much love always,

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