Saturday, March 23, 2013

True Charm and Lovliness

Saturdays posts will be less formal and focus on relations. Saturdays are my day off from work. I allow my cheat meal this day. I enjoy the money I saved for entertainment. I pray. I focus on others. I love. I talk to God and give this day to Him.
I have another secret about lovliness, charm etiquette and relations. It is about forgetting yourself and thinking of others. All charm, etiquette and form of manners are about your impact on others.

Some of us have been hurt terribly. Those of us put on an aggressive stance.
Some have been rejected by men. They put on an 'I refuse to dress for men' stance they often are viscious to other lovely women due to their hurt. Some don't want to work. They sleep in, go ungroomed, eat to their hearts content, wear filthy clothes and burp openly.
No one wants to enter their homes much less stay in them. Many are upset with men only wanting one thing. Lovlies, it's because that has literally become all we offer.
They can't even get to know us before seeing us post indecent images of ourselves. We no longer offer them lovliness, charm, cooking skills, etc..and they get nothing more from marrying us than what they can get for free. It's not even LOVELY!! It's gross.... Men may have urges but they aren't eager to take this home to fall madly in love with.
 We must increase our value. They see cheap single women and married women that let themselves go with frumpy figures and homes. They don't cook so money earned is spent on eating out something they could do single for less.
Women quit being what they fell in love with so they start longing for it or immersing themselves in fantasy. I have not seen one married woman all week out with her husband that wasn't frumpy and bitter.
Today at a nice establishment was a woman hair a mess no makeup, jeans, talking loudly, sitting sloppily etc. What happened to the woman he fell in love with? The woman who gazed at him lovingly? Dressed her prettiest for that first date afraid to have a hair out of place? Who sat daintily and talked prettily? If wives continued this in marriage, it wouldn't have such a bad name. No one likes the slob, braggert, agressive woman, gossip etc. Manners are for others. They make the world more lovely. We can be selfish and let ourselves go. It will bother those around us. We won't be pleasant company and we won't be very liked.
I'm going to load a picture of my fiance's family from the 60's as an eye opener. Were these times really worse? Do the women look less respected and servantile? Truly? This was a NORMAL get together for his family in those days! Our society has become gross. Forgive me for my blatancy. But look at how lovely we were!! Even the plainer women were well groomed girdled and lovely. Every hair in place, posture lovely etc.
Did you know that apart from God, your husband should be the highest priority? Even before children? This is the same for him. Thus, dressing sloppily to tend to kids 1st needs to stop. You number one relationship needs to be him.
It is what is healthy for both of you. Unless your romance with your husband is right, you will be a miserable bitter woman and your kids won't get the best you either. Focus on your romance and love first. Desire him as if he were the boy whos eye you once desired. Dress for him. Look lovely for him. Fall in love with him again.
 The results won't be immediate but they will come. After all which would you rather be married to? A frumpy bitter woman, or a woman that is lovely and desires to please you?


That goes for all relationships. Be well mannered and lovely. Quit allowing yourself to be frumpy and unpleasant. It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and others.


 Focus on others today. Make your relationships count. They are the greatest treasure you have in life.

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 Much love always, Veronica

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