Friday, March 22, 2013

To Make a Home Lovely

And now the time begins to making our homes lovely. I want you to find a spare binder in your home. Perhaps it has begun to collect dust. A simple binder with notebook paper will do. Find pictures of homes that you find lovely. Being that this is a 1950s housewife training course, mine are of course those from the 50s. Watch a video from the 50s or 60s for inspiration. What you take in is what you will become. We have become a product of our culture. We have lost the grace, elegance and atmosphere of generations past. The way to get back is to expose ourselves to them. Find the best pictures you can find and paste them onto page one.

Underneath, I want you to write your plans for your home. All of the details you desire to incorporate.
-atmophere for entertaining
-cozy with a fireplace
-the types of furnishings you crave
-what activities your family enjoys - plan your home around them.
-what is your ideal bedroom atmosphere(the kind you'd go to hotel or resort to enjoy) would it have lovely white sheer curtains draped over a canapy on your bed. Are there roses on your pillow and chocolates? Are there candles and a fountain in the bathroom? Is there a stereo system with amazing music and sound... dim lighting effects. What colors do you like? tapestries?
Do you like fresh flowers in every room?

Remember how I mentioned guilt as a reason most of us don't do those things. Surely they would be too much?
But guess what? We end up spending the same money elsewhere... a little at a time, that we could have saved to make our homes so lovely. It's a matter of disciplining our mind to realize that what we see short term isn't all there is. Weigh the short term benefits with the long term. Set aside a little each month and each Friday I will post on decorating and homemaking. We will discover the least expensive ways to make a home amazing. Think of how much you'll save in resort costs when your own home rivals them all. But it isn't just about resort atmosphere. You must incorporate the hominess that is fading from homes now. The coziness of a home that smells of fresh baked cookies and love, a warm fireplace and happy family time. We want to plan it all. Start today.

Along with designing our home comes maintaining it.
So take your notebook and on page number 2, write down a list for each room of everything that needs to be done to clean it. Many rooms will require cleaning out. Take a bag a day until you have cleared it enough to be clean and keep it that way. Search elegant homes on images in google or pick up an interior decorating magazine. Do you know what you'll find? That most elegant homes have very little clutter.

It's about spending LESS money and saving up for what is find and will last. Quit spending hundreds of dollars on little knick knacks and blowing your family budget. Start saving and planning for what will make your home lovely and with careful planning, organizing your budget. Setting goals for purchasing. In fact, this week before next Saturday go to one fine furnishing store and pick one item. I don't care what it is as long as it would make your home incredibly lovely. Take a picture of it. Now, every time you go to a store and want to blow 5 dollars on this or that, look at that item and resist. Keep it in your mind. Use it as a gage to stop spending foolishly. Menu planning will help this as well. We will be doing cooking and menu planning on Wednesdays each week. I want you to decide on your budget how much you can save. Make the item something you normally would think was too much but would increase the atmosphere tremendously. Now for each dollar you save throughout the week on something you otherwise would have purhased, make a tally mark. That is a dollar towards your goal. Keep tallying - after all this is money you were going to spend on that $5 hamburger... or that $5 bracelet... there's $10 already... now you save on a $3 soda at the move - you're at $13 etc. Once you have saved the amount of that item, voila, it is yours. It will feel amazing and since you didn't spend any more than normal, it won't seem like you spent it at all.
This is a wonderful lesson on prioritizing your budget and learning not to impulse buy but buy on a plan and every amazing housewife does this. It is part of our lovliness ladies. Learn these skills and you will amaze your husband with the house you can provide and the thrift you show. Increase your value as a female. Become something worth fighting for. You WILL feel amazing.

For this weeks housekeeping we will start simple. We will expand as you train yourself to do your chores.
Idleness will destroy you if you let it. It already is if your home isn't lovely. It is deceptive. You are NOT happier in your messy home, with a messy figure feeling frumpy online all day than you would be groomed, thin, in an amazing home with a social life and  husband that adores you. Trust me on this.

For this weeks housekeeping, assign a day for each and do it. (write this list on a page as you desire in your notebook.

Next Friday we will go on

Groom like you are going on a date to impress: bath, shave, tan, nails, lotion, pefume, face care, teeth care, lovely hair, clean outfit, neat and put together no sloppies.

set a timer for an hour for housework - no exceptions - continue to work on one room at a time.

Divide the following chores between your six days(ideally an hour on these as well). I want you to choose one to rest.
-tackle the bathrooms shine them up, clean the towels and put out flowers or candles- plan your wardrobe for the week. arrange accordingly throw any laundry into pile for tomorrow
-wash sheets, do laundry and fluff pillows- something to make bedroom romantic
-kitchen- shine add fragrance or atmosphere desired in kitchen (a  fancy centerpiece, elegant table decor etc - menu planning for the week
-errands and grocerys shopping (doc appts, library, post office, clutter to goodwill, hair salon, gifts, etc etc) When arriving home that night, sit down and go though your budget. Organize... look at long term needs, set aside money for. use envelopes etc.
-any outside work to make your yard/door lovely - perhaps a lovely wreath for the door, flowers, etc

These may seem laborious at first. You are training your rebellious inner child to do work. It won't want to. The following videos inspired me, I hope they will you as well.

Secret tip: One way I  get myself to do my hour or two is to give myself some luxury ONLY when I do my hour.... a dessert you love, a favorite show, whatever will motivate you... save it for ONLY when you set you timer and do your hour of work. :)

Good luck and much love always, ( you are gettting there. Stick with me and you will have the home and life you dream of.

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