Friday, March 29, 2013

The Lovely Home in Motion

So last week, I had you plan out what you desire in an ideal home- the atmosphere, the elegance, furnishings, extravagances, stereo system, colors etc. Not what you usually settle for but what you truly long for.

I had you select an item that perhaps was of higher quality than normal and resist purchasing cheap things throughout the week to save up for that higher quality item.

Too often we purchase what we don't really love...perhaps because it is at walmart or on special. We buy what is on special here and there and when we put it all together, it looks awful. That is where planning is necessary. Plan out the colors. Select items ahead of time when it comes to decor not at the store at the moment when it is on sale. A great room takes great planning and now... when you perhaps don't have the money for the time to plan it.

Go to the store at some time this week and plan one room. Pick your paint swatch, the curtains, the color of couch etc... make it all coordinate. Take photos, jot down prices. paste all in your notebook for that particular room. You now have a plan and photos. No more purchasing things without a plan. NO more random purchases that don't match, don't fit the true look you desire and don't do anything but waste money and build clutter. It is my personal opinion that you can line up clutter but never make it lovely. A room without order and a color scheme just doesn't flow right. It ends up being too much work with not enough result.

The planning is as satisfying as impulse buying, trust me. Now attach an envelope to that page. Begin saving. Save and plan for that room and buy little bits at a time if you like or all at once. But plan it. Make it lovely. Make it like the pictures you adore in the magazines. Coordinate it so that all goes together and looks lovely. When your home is the dream you love, you will enjoy cleaning it more. For the first time, plan it the way you never allowed yourself to before. Enjoy making your home a place you can't wait to invite friends to.

We also dicussed cleaning last week. I had you make a weekly plan... selecting days to do this or that.
I advised the following:

Groom like you are going on a date to impress: bath, shave, tan, nails, lotion, pefume, face care, teeth care, lovely hair, clean outfit, neat and put together no sloppies.
set a timer for an hour for housework - no exceptions - continue to work on one room at a time.

Divide the following chores between your six days(ideally an hour on these as well). I want you to choose one to rest.
-vacuum/dust (arrange living areas)

-tackle the bathrooms shine them up, clean the towels and put out flowers or candles- plan your wardrobe for the week. any sewing or mending. arrange accordingly throw any laundry into pile for tomorrow

-wash sheets, do laundry and fluff pillows- something to make bedroom romantic

-kitchen- shine add fragrance or atmosphere desired in kitchen (a fancy centerpiece, elegant table decor etc - menu planning for the week

-errands and grocerys shopping (doc appts, library, post office, clutter to goodwill, hair salon, gifts, etc etc) When arriving home that night, sit down and go though your budget. Organize... look at long term needs, set aside money for. use envelopes etc.

-any outside work to make your yard/door lovely - perhaps a lovely wreath for the door, flowers, etc

Once you assign a day for each chore, I'd like you to expand. I had you make a master list. Write all the chores you wrote  based on frequency into the appropriate day. Make each day a page in your notebook with each task written down. If you've planned you room, make that plan on a coordinating page. It will be fun to clean dreaming of your future decor plans. For chores that need to be done seasonally or yearly, write them in and the date they are to be done.


Jot down birthdays/anniversaries etc and their dates on the page that has to do with gifts. Get it all organized in a way that works for you. As you think of things, adjust your page.

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Get into the habbit of sticking to your weekly plan. I've added baking to my kitchen day, I love freshly made bread and a pie or dessert in the home. Enjoy it. It's truly fun to make a home.

And this week, enjoy easter... do something festive. Put some fresh colorful flowers on the table, make delightful baskets, elegant eggs, plan a lovely meal. Have fun.

Much love until Sunday. I will be taking tomorrow off. :)


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