Monday, March 25, 2013

Social Involvement As A 50s Housewife

A 1950s housewife loved her husband and her kids but she also loved her social life.

 There wasn't tv and internet to waste her life away to. Entertaining was important.

Getting together with friends was important and what I love most of all is that she was involved. She cared about her family and took an active interest in what affected them. She was active in school pta, church, any government issues that affected home or family life. She was involved in anything that helped her grow: cooking classes,
fashion, charm, decorating. She planned activities for her family and enjoyed time with the girls and other couples

. Adult activities are important. Dating you husband and entertaining adults is important. Continuing to have a social life yourself is important.

This week, get on top of your housekeeping. Find one social activity to be involved in. It could be having other ladies over for snacks and cards or scrapbooking, church is nice IF you get involved-go to lunch with a girl after.

 Send some handwritten letters to good friends, invite a couple for dinner and entertaining-boardgames etc. Find out what is happening in your I community and get involved. Learn the issues. Know who your politicians are. Protect the interests of your family and pray.
It feels good doesn't it?
See how far you've come?
Much love always,

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