Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making Food Like Grandma Did ;) Secret #2.... the way to a man's heart really IS through his stomach.

My hubby chose that title today. I was considering all of the gourmet names 'How to delight the Senses', 'How to make your man swoon with tastes', 'cooking better than a restuarant can' etc... etc...
What he said is absolutely correct.

Men don't crave to come home to a tiny gourmet nibble.
They want the smells of home cooking... and we can throw in the nibbles for ourselves as well.

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I'm going to teach you a basic meal today. I can absolutely positively say that learning to cook has helped my relationship more than anything. It makes your man swoon. Literally,I get more of a romantic reaction from my cooking than ANYTHING. You learn to make food that melts in your mouth and you NEVER have to worry about your man leaving. Not only that, it is such an amazing feeling to have that food around yourself.

Step #1
-create the atmosphere - If you haven't yet, you must decide on the atmosphere for each meal. Find a lovely table cloth. Some scented candles. A decorative arrangement. Think of your favorite restuarant, what is the atmosphere like? Is it candlelit? Music playing that puts you at ease? Is the meal started with wine or appetisers that feel fancy? Well, my dear, this is what you are going to  to do. Create your atmosphere. Make it your favorite restuarant and if you want to change it out every meal.... do!


Step #2 - Learn to play with tastes. NO packaged meal ever tastes good. It is always bland. My favorite spices to make meal taste good are as follows. Start playing with them yourself. Experiment until you get a taste that you love.
for sweet - nothing beats good old fashioned sugar but you can also use the following: splenda, honey, fruits (bananas, etc),corn syrup, syrup, spicy sweet hot mustards, buttercotch, chocolate sauces etc etc.. experiment. When you think it needs sweet, add what tastes good to you.
for hot - my husband buys a chili sauce in the thai food section that I absolutely love. He also loves thai ketchup. Hot mustard, red pepper flakes, fresh hot peppers etc.
for salty - soy sauce, salt, season salt, mrs dash, salty meats, bacon, canned meats etc... find your liking
love to throw in tarty tastes like lime, lemon, orange marmalades etc..
and honestly, even if you don't drink. There is such an elegance to adding wine to pasta sauces, bourbon to cream sauces etc... play with it. It cooks out and tastes amazing.
Step #3 - start simple and go at it!! ;)
Here's a simple menu you can start with. Practice and play. I will be doing cooking on Wednesdays so come back each week for more ;)
 Breakfast -
Cheesy eggs
Start out by cooking bacon until done. Set aside. Leave the grease in the pan and then dice up or by already diced up onion from the store. Saute over med high heat until just starting to turn caramel.... then turn to simmer, add a tiny bit of butter and simmer 5 min... While simmering, beat up a couple of eggs with some heavy cream, or buttermilk. I love the taste of heavy cream in eggs.... add to the onions after the five min and make sure the heat is VERY low... swirl around with  spatula slowly. Patience is the key for perfect eggs so they are super fluffy. When there is about half liquid add 1 slice of processed cheese per egg... you can even add more. let it melt. The eggs will be somewhat shiny when done just cook until the eggs are done. Choose your favorite breakfast bread.. biscuits, english muffin etc...Warm it and brush with melted butter and your favorite herb. sprinkle eggs with salt or garlic salt to your liking. Throw bacon back onto skillet just before serving to make sure it's hot. Serve with your selected bread.

I think I'll let you stick with one meal for now.

Reminder if you've been reading

-continue to clean one room an hour a day. Set a timer and do nothing else for that hour! No excuses
-every morning get dressed as if you are going on a date... makeup,nails, perfume. Until you feel lovely.
-work on your weight until you love how you look in a bathing suit. No excuses. In order to be an ideal housewife, you have to love your body. Everyone CAN have a nice body. It just takes dicipline.

Check back each Wednesday for more cooking lessons.

Much love,


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