Friday, March 15, 2013

Let The Lessons Begin What is A 1950's Housewife?

What makes a 1950s housewife? Are we truly more respected, more glamorous and adored by men?

No. Our men resent us, our children disrespect us. We don't even like ourselves or each other. There is a way back to charm, elegance, meals that rival the finest restuarants and homes that feel like deluxe sweets.
These are in our control ladies. We can feel beautiful, loved and at peace. We can feel proud to be women. It's just a matter of stepping back in time to the ladies we adore. How did they live their lives? How did they get so elegant?
Honestly men nowadays are not the kindest either. They can be cruel, insulting and far from the gentleman that make a lady feel loved. I honestly think many enjoy being cruel to us. We will build up our strength so that such things can't bring us down. We will become lovely enchanting ladies again. We will restore grace and charm to the world.

What is the focus of a housewife?

1) She is in love. She adores her husband and like a teenager with a crush, she delights in dressing up. She loves makeup, pretty dresses, lingere, perfume, jewelry. She delights in being lovely and elegant. Her husband makes her feel fascinating. She studies posture, grace, manners and truly is lovely.

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