Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It All Begins With Confidence

It was something that really hit me when I read flylady at one time and it strikes a cord with me once again.

Most of you reading this... that long to be the ideal housewife, to be classy and elegant and everything they are not, have just as much ability as anyone else to be those things.

I'll tell you a secret. The things that truly make a female enchanting, have NOTHING to do with natural features.

The things that will make you amazing and elegant and fascinating all require discipline but deep down, the fuel that fires that discipline is confidence.

The simple knowledge that you can.

That woman that looks so put together, is not any better that you are. She is not prettier, she just makes it more of a priority than you do.

She watches calories, she learns makeup, she shops for elegant clothes, she studies posture and cooking and works on her voice and mannerisms.
The truth is you can too.


Every woman can be beautiful with weight, makeup and fashion. EVERY WOMAN.
So if you truly want to be beautiful, you can.
You see the celebrities struggle with weight like we all do. You see their awful pictures without makeup. It's just a matter of effort.

If you are reading this, you long to be the ideal housewife. Guess what? You can.
Can you be perfect, NO. None of us can. But you can take those imperfections and begin fixing them.
You CAN learn makeup, You CAN learn to be an amazing chef, You CAN learn interior design and how to have an amazing home. You CAN fix your figure into something that will make you feel amazing and confident sexually. You CAN love yourself enough to decide that such things are important. and you CAN love yourself enough to choose a man that really loves you.


Many of us don't want to set aside time to groom or make ourselves lovely. We feel guilty. Like we are pampering ourselves too much. Yet, we take that same time and waste it on the pc.
You have to decide that it's important to you. You have to come to the realization that it's possible and then you have to discipline yourself to follow through.

One struggle I've encountered is a less than supportive man. The right man will stand by you as you improve yourself. I promise. If he doesn't, let him go. Do not live ugly and miserable because you're afraid to upset your man. This has to be for you. Don't base it on his reactions or you will be stuck where you are forever.
Do it for you.

2nd assignment.
-if you have weight to lose, lose it. Nutrisystem, lean cuisine whatever it takes, do it for the short time to make your life better for the long. It wont take much weight loss to get excited.
-decide you want this. In order to suceed at anything, you have to want it enough to keep going WHEN everyone starts to discourage you. Don't stop. Keep your focus
-Know that the only difference between you and what you are striving for is focus and a lot of work. but the work is worth it. Start now. Baby steps will get you there.
-continue cleaning one room a day for at least an hour. Set a timer. In time, your house will be lovely if that hour you focus and work.
-starting tomorrow, get dressed as if you are going on a date. Make it special. Remember how it felt when you felt pretty? be it your wedding, prom, you must remember. Dress with that kind of delight in yourself again. Enjoy yourself and your looks. Delight in dressing pretty. Do it first thing every morning. It will make this all seem possible and you will feel so much better. I promise. Do it until you feel pretty and special. Make that time for yourself. Get in the habbit.

Much love

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