Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dieting 1950s Style

I've read many books etc. from the 50s and like today there were many ways to diet. I remember my mom mentioning a grapefruit and eggs diet. Some would simply stop all food after 3 pm. Some would stop eating sweets. All watched portions. There were no exceptions in this respect. There is another secret I will tell you. Oh and I meant to mention this yesterday, weight day is being changed from Saturday to Sunday so I can keep Saturday as my off day. I love taking a sabbath on Saturday for personal reasons. Sunday just feels like a beginning and I am full of ideas and eager plans for the coming week yet Saturdays I am ready for rest and leisure after a busy tiring week. I do believe our bodies were created to need a day of rest and will not be as full of energy or alert without it. It's also my big reminder to trust that ultimately everything is in His hands and if I can't let go for a day, I am not letting Him drive and being that He is the one with the owners manual, I am in for dissaster.
What I do love about the 50s is that they didn't obsess about it. Women didn't spend hours a day at the gym until they looked like men nor did they do nothing. They got up each morning and got ready. They took their role as housewife seriously and were dependable. They took pride in their appearance and watched portions. They cared about nutrition and made sure they took in fruits and vegetables 'nature's medicine.' If you truly focus on getting IN more fruits and vegetables, you will lose weight. If you use caution with sweets and treat them as a delicacy to be nibbled, you will lose weight. If you decide to 'love' your husband, and look good in nighties you will lose weight.
So do this. Make a point of having fruit in two meals and veggies in every meal. Make fruit and veggies 3/4 of the meal. You will get creative, likely enjoy food more and lose weight.
Also, get a corset, or bra panty set and nighty that makes you feel lovely. Only wear that. You will have to groom, shave, tan and lose weight.
So do it.
Much love, Veronica

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