Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ahh... the 1950's...the charm, the elegance, the tiny waists

I'm going to let you in on a 50's fashion secret.

Their figures were not any lovlier than ours...at least not naturally.... begin that you are a size 12 or less. If you are more, begin to watch portions now. The minute I said that I realized the err in that statement. Women now a days do tend to eat far too much and let themselves go.

There is of course a reason for the thinner 50's waist.

Women then cooked the food. They may have gone out once a week for a meal that was extravagant.
But when you are in charge of watching a family budget.... and cooking everything you eat. Not to mention, including nutrition... well, you should have no issues with weight. Putting yourself on a food budget. Getting vegetables and fruits in every meal and refraining from any treats or meals out except once a week, you should be just fine as well.

What I am talking about is the GORGEOUS hour glass shape they had.
You could lose weight and be plain.... no curves evident... or....you can stay healthy (under size 12 please) In fact no rolls allowed. Once you look lovely in a two piece than you are fine.
I am, however, suggesting to lose the idea of stick thin and return to the elegance of hourglass

They had a secret. It was in their underwear.
Women kept their waists tiny using waist cinching corsets....and the more they brought in the waist, the more lovely their feminine assets.
This is a secret that such figures as Kim Kardashian I believe has discovered today.
There was once a study that said a man's attraction to a woman was based on her waist/hip ratio. The larger the difference between your waist and hips, the more lovely and attractive. It also of course helps to go out in the bust as well.

You will feel far more lovely and be far more elegant in a feminine way if you have your curves. So yes continue to lose the absurd weight we tend to pack on now especially in America due to he ease of gaining food. Get yourself to a healthy weight and if you truly want to look 1950s, corset it up. Pull it in. It will improve your posture and curves. I will once again suggest lovely undergarments. If you are married, throw everything else out. You need to be lovely for your husband. Plus size models look just as lovely in corsets as to thin models.

There is a corset that would look nice on you. Purchase it. Quit allowing yourself to feel unattractive. Quit allowing yourself to feel like a failure or a hopeless cause. We ALL have the assets. EVERY female has the ability to have an amazing figure. We are all lovely and elegant. We can all do our faces up and our hair lovely. We can all delight in lovely jewelry and fragrances. So get up, get the lovely undies, retrain your waist if need be by purchasing a waist cinching corset. They have them for $20 an less all over the internet. Become the lovely woman you were created to be. Because believe me, you CAN.
Women just aren't shown so anymore. You can be lovely, you can learn to cook. You can learn to be elegant and feminine and keep a lovey fashionable home. I will teach you.
Get a handle on your budget. Set aside more money for clothing and lingere and less for snacks and impulse eating.  Eat out less. Cook more. I will have more on that tomorrow. And feel lovely again.

I am ill so I am going to sign off for today.With the coming of spring came snow and well...strept throat for me.

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Much love Always,

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