Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Time to Prioritize


One of the things that is absolutely essential in being able to manage a home is a good handle on your budget. Things that you may not have purchased are now going to be on your list.... grooming supplies, nice lovely clothes or fabric, home decor and candles etc...

You will also need to get a handle on grocery purchasing. We will talk about the various ways to save penny on groceries so that you can have the money you need for other things.


We will discuss setting priorities with your budget. Deciding what is important and then setting aside a portion of your budget for such things. Random spending must be a thing of the past although I do tend to like to set aside a certain amount of my personal budget for random puchase freedom.

Essentials for every womans budget are as follows:

1. those with faith - tithe 10% You won't feel at peace with yourself if you don't

2. groceries

3. grooming - (hair color, razors, makeup, clothing, jewelry, lotions, perfumes, nail color etc)

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4. items for others in the home - husband/children/pets etc... a good housewife has a very well dressed and cared for family. She thinks of others as well which means presents, cards for friends etc. Set aside the money for this or you won't have it when you need it.

5. household supplies - toilet paper, dish towels, cleaning supplies, decor, etc etc


6. Rent/insurance/car payment/water/electricity/student loans/oil changes etc...the must pay bills
7. Any other debt - credit cards etc...
8. Savings - essential to keep your independence. You never know when emergencies will strike. Always have savings on hand. Being at the mercy of others just isn't fun.
9. Medical expenses - doc copays, medicines etc.
10. recreational

I mentioned in an earlier post guilt about spending time on ourselves. Many of us have the same kind of guilt over spending money on ourselves. But honestly, in order to have a happy home, it is essential to have a handle on money. If you don't control it, it WILL control you. When you have your finances in order, there is no guilt in spending for what does matter. You must have money set aside for each of the above. Random blowing of your budget for things that you don't even remember - often food is killing your ability to have a lovely home, food on the table, bills paid etc. Upaid bills add to the chaos of what may already be faultering look because you didn't set aside the money for grooming etc... money has your irritable, finances create mac for every dinner etc.
You must get a handle on it. So much of this course is recognizing the need to be on top of things. Before I started to pick up after myself, I never had time for anything. The house was always a mess, I was miserable, I looked awful and ended up eating out to avoid home. Time was never there, I always felt guilty about finances and cleanliness and never wanted company. Just a few hours a day of cleaning and grooming and I feel on top of the world. The house is in order, I feel fabulous, I'm tackling and keeping my weight where I like it and I have free time.Time that I don't feel guilty about because I have gotten everything I needed to accomplished. The same applies to money. Take care of necessary expenses but don't neglect yourself. Women don't think they are harming anyone by letting their diet and grooming go.... you are. I am sorry but you truly are.

You're not being kind to your husband but most importantly, you're not being kind to youself. You won't be any good to anyone if you let yourself go. You will be miserable and unhappy. It will feel like work to get up and get ready and to watch your diet and do that extra grooming each morning. It is work to learn makeup and fashion... but that work will result in you feeling on top of the world again. You will feel lovely, organized, attractive.
You will want guests in your home. You will be happy because you have set aside money for things you can actually spend on! It feels so good to spend without guilt.

Assignment for today:
-Take the outline above along with your income and set a budget today. Alot money to each area. Begin chipping at your debt and begin spending money for things like grooming and home decor. Buy a gift for someone on their birthday... set money for letters etc. Watch how much better you feel having control over something that has controlled you so long. If this is your weakness, stop back every Thursday for our budgeting focus. It will take time but every step you will feel so much better. As you find where you didn't alot enough, you can adapt your budget until it works perfectly for you but have the budget. Do that for yourself.
You can do it.

This adorable video from 1948 has some great ideas on budgeting as well... if you want to keep in line with the 1950s housewives training ;)

Much love,

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